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May 04, 2006 18:13 ET

NewsGator Unveils Groundbreaking Syndication and Social Media Platform

NewsGator Private Label 2.0 Platform Delivers New User Experience Features, Branded Mobile Readers and Community Tools to Extend the Value and Reach of Online Brands

DENVER, CO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 4, 2006 --NewsGator Technologies, Inc., the leading RSS platform company, today announced the release of NewsGator Private Label Platform 2.0, an RSS-based social media platform designed to help publishers and content providers increase online revenue through personalized content and social networks.

The latest NewsGator Private Label (NGPL) release provides content providers with the most complete and flexible syndication and social media platform on the market. NGPL offers new Web 2.0 syndication services including NewsGator Buzz, NewsGator Headlines, and NewsGator NewsCast, that let users create and subscribe to the most relevant content all within the provider's brand. Publishers will also be able to offer consumers one-click RSS readers for their mobile devices, further extending the brand, as well as improved interfaces for web and desktop RSS readers.

The new solution also includes NewsGator Community Publisher, a joint offering with iUpload which allows publishers to create an interactive dialogue with their readers by leveraging the contributions from members of the community (see NewsGator and iUpload Team to Offer Integrated Enterprise Blog and RSS Solutions).

"NewsGator is playing a key role in helping content providers adapt to Web 2.0," said J.B. Holston, president and CEO of NewsGator. "This next generation of our platform provides the foundation for publishers, associations, and online businesses to jump to audience 2.0 interactivity: online, offline or via mobile devices. It provides all the capabilities you need to increase your audience's brand involvement by leveraging the power of RSS, citizen media and NewsGator's online database and tools."

Syndication Services

The NewsGator Private Label Platform 2.0 release includes two new syndication services, which can be deployed in conjunction with a branded reader or as standalone components on Web sites.

--  NewsGator Buzz- Publishers can expose information about the hottest,
    most interesting and most contextual news, RSS feeds and podcasts from
    across the Web, the blogosphere and their own properties. Information can
    be represented across all users or personalized for a single user, based on
    preferences or attention data. The choices include features such as Most
    Popular Stories (highest rated, most read and most emailed), and Active
    Conversations (what articles are being linked to from other stories). Buzz
    gives your audience a new view into the exploding world of content related
    to your site.
--  NewsGator NewsCast- Publishers can now syndicate blog posts, specialty
    news and information, and podcast and vcast content from across the Web and
    blogosphere into their online publications. NewsGator NewsCast provides
    adjustable levels of editorial control (from fully automated to hand-picked
    by a team of NewsGator editors) over the posting of this content as
    headlines and articles to featured sections of this site. This content can
    be made available in many different categories including travel, sports,
    entertainment, technology and health.
--  NewsGator Headlines- With Headlines, publishers can quickly and easily
    expose feed content anywhere on their sites, to promote the content, drive
    usage and increase page views.
NewsGator Private Label News Readers

NewsGator offers publishers the ability to provide branded RSS readers on their Web sites, mobile devices and as downloadable desktop applications. NewsGator Private Label Platform 2.0 features a new mobile reader, updated desktop readers and an enhanced Web-based reader. All of the readers can feature content from both the publisher as well as the NewsGator Online index.

--  Mobile Reader
    The NewsGator Branded Mobile Reader is formatted for small, HTML-capable
    phones. When a user wants to subscribe to a specific RSS feed from the
    publisher on their mobile device, they simply enter their email address or
    phone number and a message is instantly sent to their phone via SMS or
    email. Publishers can customize the header of the feed to include their
    brand and advertisements.
--  Desktop Readers
    With NewsGator Private Label Desktop Readers, publishers can provide their
    readers branded versions of NewsGator's award-winning desktop aggregators,
    including FeedDemon (for Windows), NetNewsWire (for Macs) as well as our
    plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, called NewsGator Inbox. New versions have
    been released for all of these readers. The highlights include improved
    interfaces, new features and performance boosts.
--  Web-Based Reader (NewsGator Hosted Solution)
    AJAX technology and one-click subscriptions are new features of this
    solution, powering brands such as Newsweek and the San Francisco Chronicle,
    that make it easier for users to add and manage their feeds.
Community Publisher

Combining the capabilities of NewsGator's powerful and flexible branded-RSS platform with iUpload's industry leading customer conversation platform, Community Publisher can help content providers have an interactive dialogue with their readers by leveraging the contributions from members of the community. Customers can now create entirely new branded communities or add new sections to existing communities using content created via blogs and wikis, and then deliver this information, along with thousands of potential RSS feeds through Web-based, desktop and mobile RSS readers.

Pricing and Availability

NewsGator's Web and Desktop Readers and NewsGator Community Publisher are available and priced on a per user or per page view basis. NewsGator Mobile and the company's new Syndication Services, including NewsCast and NewsGator Buzz, are available for preview and will be generally available during the second quarter of 2006. They will be offered free of charge to publishers. If you are interested in having your content syndicated through NewsCast, please visit:

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