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March 08, 2005 12:05 ET

NewStep Networks to Provide Real-Time Communication Solutions for Carriers



MARCH 8, 2005 - 12:05 ET

NewStep Networks to Provide Real-Time Communication
Solutions for Carriers

TORONTO--(CCNMatthews - Mar 8, 2005) -

NewStep Networks Converged Call Management Solution Integrates with
Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 and Microsoft Office
Communicator 2005 to Offer Fixed-Mobile Convergence Services Designed
for Today's Mobile Professionals

NewStep Networks, Inc. today announced that it is working to deliver a
Converged Call Management (CCM) solution, built on Microsoft Office Live
Communications Server 2005, to carriers that want to create a secure and
programmatic way for their enterprise customers to manage their own
calls. Through integration with Microsoft Corp.'s real-time
collaboration solutions, NewStep Networks will offer a unique
competitive advantage to carriers who want to decrease time-to-market,
lower overall operating costs, and seamlessly deliver new features
across all telephony devices and network technologies.

NewStep Networks' CCM solution, by integrating with Microsoft's Live
Communications Server 2005, enables carriers to offer an
enterprise-ready, personal call management software solution for
Window-based PCs, and also for Windows Mobile and J2ME-enabled mobile

"NewStep Networks CCM solution provides carriers with a converged
communications solution that offers a valuable service to enterprise
customers with mobile employees," said Taylor Collyer, senior director
of product management, Real-Time Collaboration Business Unit at
Microsoft. "Through integration of NewStep Networks' third-party call
control (3PCC) capabilities with Live Communications Server 2005 and
Microsoft Office Communicator 2005, carriers and their enterprise
customers will realize the business benefits of rich, presence-based
integrated communications," said Collyer.

NewStep Networks' CCM solution directly interfaces with Live
Communications Server 2005 and Communicator. Together these application
platforms provide enterprises with a common way to deliver
presence-enabled, real-time video, voice and text communications to
their connected users.

"Today's mobile professionals want their cellular, home and office
telephony services integrated into the enterprise. With NewStep
Networks' software, Microsoft's presence-based software applications can
become a personal call control center," said Neil Baimel, president and
CEO of NewStep Networks. "Carriers can now give their enterprise
customers complete control over all telephony devices--circuit-switched
or IP, wireline or wireless--in public or private networks. As a result,
enterprise mobile professionals will be able to redirect calls from
their desktop to their mobile phones, or elsewhere--mid-call, if
necessary--using Communicator to manage call handling. Now you will be
able to truly call a person instead of a phone number, and dynamically
manage and control all calls on all devices in real time."

NewStep Networks provides the requisite integration with legacy and non
SIP-based technologies, including traditional circuit-switched networks.
NewStep Networks' CCM solution resides within the various telephony
networks and performs 3PCC on behalf of Live Communications Server 2005
and Communicator users. Providing the ability to manage all network
communications devices will ultimately benefit the carrier, as this key
control capability enables the delivery of innovative new service
revenues, quality-of-service, and the seamless accessibility of
applications across multiple networks.

Converged Services Node (CSN)

All of NewStep Networks'solutions are built on the patented Converged
Services Node (CSN) platform, which brings fixed-mobile convergence to
both legacy and next-generation environments, and fits into the emerging
IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture as a standards-based
application server. The CSN provides the following key platform services:

-- Collects topology, policy, location and presence information from
underlying networks

-- Executes service logic on behalf of applications

-- Unifies billing across diverse networks

Using standard signaling protocols, the CSN allows applications to
control all types of networks: circuit-switched and IP, wired and
wireless, carrier and enterprise. The CSN also insulates applications
from network technology so that application services survive as the
underlying network infrastructure evolves.

Converged Call Management (CCM)

NewStep Networks CCM solution offers enhanced mobility for enterprise
users, and improved economics for both service providers and their
customers. When combined with Live Communications Server 2005 and
Communicator, NewStep Networks CCM solution enables service providers to
leverage their existing circuit-switched and IP networks to attract and
retain enterprise customers; improve profitability; and deliver
innovative new multi-network services such as seamless handoff between
GSM/CDMA mobile carrier networks and WLAN/Wi-Fi customer end points.

NewStep Networks is also participating in Microsoft's Technology
Adoption Program for independent software vendors, providing pre-release
access to Microsoft's Real-Time Collaboration solutions and technical
integration assistance. As a member of this program, NewStep Networks is
well positioned to develop additional telephony applications that
leverage the 3PCC capabilities of Microsoft's real-time collaboration

"NewStep Networks is delivering the technology that carriers will need
to bring about fixed-mobile convergence in a pre-IMS environment," said
Joe McGarvey, senior analyst for Current Analysis. "By giving carriers
the ability to track and bill for communications sessions that originate
on any network -- fixed, mobile, TDM or IP -- NewSteps' CCM solution
empowers service providers will the ability to offer truly personalized
communications services."

About NewStep Networks

NewStep Networks develops, sells and supports fixed-mobile convergence
applications based on its patented CSN platform. Focused on the
mobilization of business telephony services, NewStep is the only vendor
who delivers applications that bring the benefits of fixed-mobile
convergence to the hybrid TDM/IP world of today, and migrate compatibly
to the all-IP world of tomorrow. Anchored by the patented CSN service
architecture, NewStep Networks' telephony solutions are currently
deployed in large service provider networks driving millions of calls
per day. For more information, visit

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