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June 19, 2013 09:00 ET

Nexage Extends Technology Platform by Adding Key Transparency Capabilities

Nexage Introduces Targeted Technology to Enhance Visibility for Buyers, Simplify Operations for Content Aggregators, and Empower and Protect Premium Publishers

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jun 19, 2013) - Nexage, the leading mobile advertising exchange, today announced a number of product enhancements that significantly improve transparency for Nexage Exchange sellers and buyers. These enhancements include aggregate reporting, session depth indicators and advertiser-level reporting. These tools extend premium publishers' and buyers' visibility and control of their business on the Nexage Exchange, so that they can aggressively -- and confidently -- accelerate their mobile businesses. 

Transparency in mobile advertising has become a critical business requirement -- especially as premium publishers and brands seek to exploit programmatic markets. Transparency means that market participants have visibility into the financial and delivery processes that span the mobile advertising transaction, and that market participants have the ability to control and enforce business rules that govern how they transact.

The capabilities introduced today support greater transparency by providing site-level performance information for portals and aggregate publishers; session depth indicators that identify how many ads have been previously shown to a consumer during a single app or game session so that buyers can best determine the fair market price for a specific impression; and advertiser-level reporting that allows publishers to see which advertisers are buying their impressions.

"Nexage is passionate about accelerating the premium mobile advertising market, and we recognize that greater transparency -- especially in programmatic markets -- is critical to drive this industry forward," said Ernie Cormier, CEO and president of Nexage. "The premium market should and will reject 'black-box' operations. Instead, premium publishers and buyers will reward programmatic markets that are transparent, controlled, and easily configured to meet their individual business needs."

The new transparency features available to Nexage customers are:

  • Aggregate Reporting: provides portals and aggregate publishers the benefit of site-level reporting without the cost and complexity of site-level implementation. Site-level reporting allows publishers to tune and accelerate the performance of individual sites, while avoiding a specific implementation for each site. 

  • Session Depth Indicators: enable buyers to identify how many ads have been previously shown to a consumer during an app or game session, recognizing that individual ads are more valuable the earlier in the session the consumer sees them. The session depth indicator gives buyers the ability to better understand the real value of the impression and to set their bid price accordingly. 

    For publishers, session depth indicators provide a better understanding of a consumer's session experience. This allows publishers to limit or extend the number of ads shown in sessions to enhance that user experience or improve revenue performance.

    Session depth indicators are delivered as an enriched data field for bid requests as part of the Nexage Connect solution, which integrates and delivers first- and third-party data to improve targeting value and enhance eCPM performance.

  • Advertiser-Level Performance: allows premium publishers to aggressively -- and safely -- pursue mobile advertising revenue by providing insights into which advertisers are buying their impressions. This capability distinguishes the different priorities of the performance and premium markets. Premium publishers are rightfully wary of the ad quality issues rife in the performance space due to missing or incomplete visibility and associated business controls. To fully capitalize on the consumer shift to mobile, premium publishers will require greater visibility and control over ad quality and brand affiliation.

"We all know that there are tailwinds propelling our market forward," said Cormier. "But our job is to create sustainable value. These enhancements are part of Nexage's commitment to provide a superior technology platform that allows our customers to clearly and confidently accelerate their mobile businesses."

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