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March 28, 2012 09:00 ET

Nexage Meets Real-Time Business Needs of Mobile Advertising Buyers & Sellers

Nexage Unveils New Reporting System, Reporting API and Enhanced Brand Safety Tool

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Mar 28, 2012) - Nexage, the leading mobile advertising exchange, today announced the launch of their next generation real-time reporting environment and ad screening. Mobile advertising publishers and buyers both benefit from operating closer to real-time; publishers are able to adapt to business changes to maximize revenue, and DSPs and real-time buyers are able to optimize campaign performance. The Nexage reporting environment is made available directly to publishers and buyers.

The trend to move technology-driven markets to real-time is similar to the needs of other trading environments, such as the financial market, where real-time decisioning is essential to financial performance and overall business success.

Nexage's next generation reporting environment and reporting API delivers performance data to enable buyers and sellers to continuously understand and adapt to changing business conditions. Insights are greatly enhanced by the rich reporting environment, which provides an easy-to-read dashboard, a range of pre-defined and customizable reports, and drill down capabilities to forensically understand the underlying patterns and trends. For example, the reporting environment enables publishers to access major metrics, such as ads requested, ads served, eCPM, fill rate, click-through rate (CTR) and revenue performance throughout the day. Through this visibility, publishers can make changes to their monetization strategy, such as how they adapt price floors to maximize revenue performance.

Alternatively, DSPs and real-time buyers are leveraging this reporting system to gain insight into campaign performance; respond to changes in their bid success rate and adapt their bidding strategy accordingly; and manage campaign pacing and frequency capping for greater control over campaign spend and effectiveness.

Recent studies have shown that mobile ad buyers and sellers can be stuck in a middle ground of needing more information -- and more information faster -- while at the same time being overwhelmed by the volume of data. This paradox can be driven from a splintered, spreadsheet-driven environment where operations leaders and analysts need to sift through spreadsheets to find relevant data, let alone understand the underlying patterns. The Nexage reporting system overcomes these challenges in three ways by: 1) creating a straight-through delivery to buyers and sellers' BI systems; 2) including a dashboard that provides a simple but powerful display of the most relevant metrics; and 3) enabling drill-down capabilities so that operations and analysts can access detailed and easy-to-understand results to uncover previously unseen patterns.

Nexage has also launched one-click ad screening, which gives publishers the ability to see and make decisions on individual creative. To capitalize on this technology, publishers are able to see the creative, then click and block individual ads that are inconsistent with their brand or simply inappropriate.

"Our business works in real-time, not in batch mode. Gains in accuracy, efficiency and speed have a direct impact on our results -- and in our confidence in this business," said Brian Gilbert, Director, Advertising & Monetization of Pinger. "Nexage's real-time reporting and ad screening give us the tools we need to understand and control our business. This is a step forward for us, and a very important step forward for the industry overall."

"It's simple. Our customers want to operate their business in real-time, and they should have the tools to do that," said Ernie Cormier, CEO and president of Nexage. "As mobile advertising matures, so do our customers' business expectations. And Nexage is delivering on those raised expectations, empowering our customers, both buyers and sellers, with business tools to accelerate their mobile advertising business."

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