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August 23, 2011 09:00 ET

Nexage and TubeMogul Partner to Deliver Mobile Video Ads Over the Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Exchange

The Delivery of Video Ads Through RTB Marks a Significant Step in Mobile Advertising, Creating Value for Publishers, Developers and Advertisers Alike

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Aug 23, 2011) - Nexage, the leading provider of market liquidity in the mobile advertising market, and TubeMogul, a brand-focused demand side platform (DSP) for video advertising, announced a strategic partnership today. Under the terms of the deal and resulting integration, clients of PlayTime, TubeMogul's DSP for video, can now buy ad space across the Nexage RTB exchange, an integrated component of the Nexage Revenue Platform.

Video ads over RTB represent a critical step for mobile advertising, creating massive efficiencies for premium ads, providing eCPM gains for publishers and better campaign ROI for advertisers. The Nexage Revenue Platform supports video ads using the VAST standard. At the launch of this partnership, Nexage will support a range of ad formats, including in-stream, in-application interstitials and in-display units.

These units will appear in TubeMogul's buying interface, letting marketers, agencies and trading desks access the inventory across devices while utilizing sophisticated targeting, optimization and analytics. The partnership marks a significant new premium revenue stream for publishers and app developers, while enabling buyers to target and bid on an impression-by-impression basis.

"The placement of mobile video ads through RTB is an exciting step for this industry and affirms RTB's role in supporting any and all advertising campaigns and ad types," said Ernie Cormier, CEO and president of Nexage. "Video ads create a triad of value; better experiences for customers, better campaign results for advertisers and premium eCPMs for publishers and app developers. We are very excited about our partnership with TubeMogul, as it enables both of us to further advance the mobile advertising market."

"Mobile devices present marketers with cutting edge opportunities to intimately connect someone with a brand," said Brett Wilson, CEO of TubeMogul. "We are proud to partner with Nexage to scale these efforts and help advertisers navigate these different media and quantify impact."

About Nexage

Nexage is the leading provider of market liquidity for buyers and sellers in the mobile advertising market. The Nexage Revenue Platform, comprised of RTB exchange and mediation, maximizes revenue for publishers and developers, and campaign ROI for demand sources and advertisers. Nexage serves our customers and partners on a worldwide basis, including publishers, developers and demand sources. Nexage is rapidly scaling as buyers and sellers realize greater value for their mobile advertising business; today, Nexage manages more than 8B monthly impressions and serves over 80 global ad sources, over 200 publishers, and over 600 sites and applications. Nexage has offices in Boston, New York and San Francisco. Come visit us at or follow us on Twitter @Nexage.

About TubeMogul
TubeMogul is the only video marketing company built for branding. As a demand side platform for video, TubeMogul integrates real-time media buying, ad serving, targeting, optimization and brand measurement into its PlayTime platform. Over half the Fortune 500 use TubeMogul to simplify the delivery of video ads in any format, optimize the impact of their brand message and maximize the effect of every dollar they spend.

Founded in 2006, TubeMogul is based in Emeryville, CA with offices in New York, London, Chicago and Los Angeles. For more information, visit