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March 24, 2014 08:30 ET

Nexgate Launches SocialSyndicate for Automated Social Media Content Pre-Checks

New Technology Lets Enterprise Organizations Centrally Collect Brand Social Content, Pre-Scan It for Risks, and Syndicate It to Content Publishers and Content Libraries

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 24, 2014) - Nexgate, an innovator in social media brand protection and compliance for enterprise brands, today released SocialSyndicate™ -- a first-of-its-kind technology for social media security, risk, and compliance content pre-scanning and syndication to content libraries.

Available immediately, SocialSyndicate provides centralized collection and scanning of all brand generated social content for risks and mistakes, including miss-formatted shortened links, inappropriate language, sensitive internal information, and compliance violations, including FDA, FCA, FFIEC, FINRA, SEC, and other regulatory requirements, prior to publishing on branded social media accounts. SocialSyndicate includes full workflow options, as well as the ability to export approved social content to Social Media Marketing Solution (SMMS) libraries. Content scanned by SocialSyndicate is processed with Nexgate's patent-pending Deep Social Linguistic Analysis (DSLA), which offers highly advanced content classification designed specifically to address the sophisticated challenges in accurately and automatically detecting the many content risks facing organizations engaged in social media.

Social media is a powerful medium and channel for brands to communicate with their audiences. Much of its power is derived from the organic, authentic, and real-time nature of shared content. Unfortunately, that means brand managers often have to choose between being too slow and less engaging or too open and susceptible to risks. SocialSyndicate helps solve that problem by providing a central point to very quickly and easily collect and vet organic social content and make it available to any of an organization's preferred social publishing mechanisms.

Regardless of an organization's industry there are often regulatory challenges to be addressed on social media. Some industries, especially those in the financial services, insurance, and healthcare verticals, as well as publicly traded organizations, face even more pressure to both create and enforce compliance policy for social media communications. However, until now, safety and compliance checks have often relied on manual processes with spreadsheets to deal with the variety of social content sources and the heterogeneous publishing mechanisms on social accounts. This manual workflow creates a cumbersome process for teams and is both overly mechanical and antithetical to the authentic, immediate, and organic nature of social media.

Nexgate's SocialSyndicate alleviates this challenge and improves investment in SMMS publishing and content libraries. SocialSyndicate acts as central portal where any employee can submit social content, have it scanned for safety and compliance, and then make it available for distribution via any SMMS publisher or content library. Using DLSA, Nexgate scans the post or tweet using over 100 built-in classifiers to check for policy violations, immediately reports back whether the content violates a regulatory policy, requires review by compliance or supervisory personnel, or is approved for publishing. All scans and results are audited, and automated workflow for multi-tier approval is available within SocialSyndicate for companies that want advanced content scanning combined with a more automated and streamlined review process.

"Social media has quickly become an important conduit for companies to engage with customers and audiences," said Jesse Stay, Principal and Founder of Commerce Futurists, a company which helps large corporations adopt new paradigms like social media. "However, making social media engagement work effectively and safely for both marketing and compliance teams requires more capabilities to quickly pre-review content for risks as well as regulatory requirements like FCA, FFIEC, FINRA, and SEC requirements at the speed of social media. In addition to that emphasis on the speed required to keep social effective, it also means making that reviewed content more broadly available to all the social outlets an organization uses. Nexgate's new SocialSyndicate is terrific approach to automate what has previously been a manual and cumbersome content review process and, at the same, propagate more content to more distribution mechanisms more quickly all while mitigating risk."

"The market has quickly shifted from a 'maybe we'll do more social' to a 'how do we do more social better, faster, and safer,'" said Devin Redmond, Co-founder and CEO of Nexgate. "This is why we've developed SocialSyndicate -- to provide a better collection mechanism for the social voices and content of a brand, a faster and more thorough safety and compliance scan for that content, and an easy-to-integrate source for getting approved content into libraries, publishing platforms, and to social sellers. Using our highly sophisticated content classification engine, Nexgate customers can quickly pre-check content for safety, policy, and compliance risks, compliance teams can streamline approval processes with a full audit record, and social teams have an easy-to-use new source of approved content to distribute through mechanisms such as those from our partners HootSuite and Salesforce."

SocialSyndicate is a cloud-based subscription service available for single and multi-year terms for enterprise brands using social media.

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