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May 06, 2013 09:11 ET

NexHorizon Communications, Inc. Announces Negotiations to Acquire Colorado Uranium Claims -- Plus Capitalization Changes

NexHorizon, a Delaware Corporation: Negotiating to Acquire Colorado Uranium Claims

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 6, 2013) - NexHorizon Communications, Inc. (OTC Pink: NXHZ) (the "Company") announced that they are negotiating to acquire Western Colorado Uranium Claims, both patented and unpatented. NexHorizon President Jeff Krupka points out, "Although we have no definitive agreement in place, we are moving forward with plans and are capable of closing immediately and after closing, we will immediately establish a schedule of completing the associated assay and site investigation work this summer."

Regional uranium news is huge. Last week, Energy Fuels announced the approval of its planned Uranium Processing Facility. The first processing facility in the area for thirty years. Jeff went on to say, "Being involved in an industry turn-around in the area will be rewarding way beyond simply making money for our shareholders."

Further news on our negotiation progress will be immediately announced.

NexHorizon also announced the increase of its capitalization effective May 1, 2013 by way of an amendment to its articles of incorporation. The amendment, previously authorized, but just now filed as part of NexHorizon's reorganization, ratified the following changes:

The Preferred Shares were increased from 5 Million to 25 Million Shares; and The Common Shares were increased from 100 Million to 250 Million Shares. On this important change, Mr. Krupka added, "There has been much question and concern on the issue of the potential of a reverse split of our issued and outstanding shares, and now with the ability to issue additional shares, to raise needed capital for expenses, repayment of financing, disposal of existing preferred shares and warrants, and perhaps most importantly, to make stock based acquisitions, there is little chance or need of a reverse split, until and unless NexHorizon was to establish a major acquisition or merger."

The company also provided a list of items and time-lines for shareholders to watch:

  • During May 2013 -- NexHorizon will commence audit and legal work and announce a planned completion date for this work and update its membership to OTC Markets.
  • Important Marketing Shift -- If NexHorizon moves forward in the Uranium Industry, our website will be geared in that direction, with a focus on the industry's many ancillary components, technological advances, potential marketing and licensing opportunities. We will also publish plans and progress for our assay and site investigation work, as well as assay results realized and how the results fit with industry requirements and expectations in terms of uranium/ore ratios.
  • During July 2013 -- NexHorizon will have achieved "Limited Reporting" Status in its OTC Markets membership, and will have nearly achieved "Fully Reporting" status. In addition, if moving forward in the Uranium Industry, we will have gleaned valuable experience in completing the requisite assay and site investigation work, and this experience, including procedures and the results, will be incorporated in SEC filings and detailed in our website, and will be valuable in budgeting ongoing maintenance and ownership costs for our initial acquisitions and for future and acquisitions.
  • Future Business and Expansion -- NexHorizon may develop mining and development offerings, or offerings of participation interests in proven reserves to better leverage our use of common stock in lieu of cash to expand holdings and make larger and/or perhaps critical acquisitions.
  • World Market Conditions and Future Uranium Demand -- The nuclear energy demand still suffers from the disaster in Japan, but nuclear still provides an excellent clean fuel alternative. Therefore, the world markets, economically and geo-politically could change demand overnight. In fact, a safe and approved spent fuel disposal facility would have an almost immediate impact on the price of uranium ore.
  • Timing -- For over one year, NexHorizon's President, Jeff Krupka, has been aware of the Uranium Claims he is now attempting to complete, but until recently, there was no approved processing facility, and he only recently acquired control of a public vehicle, perhaps perfect for the acquisition. Now, if successful, Jeff believes that controlling operating costs, while making additional attractive buys in Uranium Claims, could position NexHorizon as an attractive Uranium Play for investors.

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