Next Alternative, Inc.

Next Alternative, Inc.

March 08, 2011 02:00 ET

Next Alternative to Centralize Battery Research & Distribution Efforts in North America

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 8, 2011) - Robert Ireland, CEO of Next Alternative, Inc. (XETRA:N4H), has announced that the firm will be bringing its major battery research and distribution programs to North America.

Next Alternative (NAI) had been using battery technology obtained from Korea and Europe, but now wishes to shift research and distribution, as well as beta production to North America. In this way, the pioneering company will promote the development of new technologies in North America and additionally create new job opportunities. While some development will continue overseas, NAI will now produce its own prototypes specifically at its plant in Ottawa.

Next Alternative believes that this change in location will also give the company more control over these important aspects of operation, allowing it to run more smoothly and cohesively. According to Ireland, "We are very excited at the prospect of consolidating our R & D closer to home." He stated further, "We no longer have to ship materials and we can keep a closer eye on our progress. The bonus is, that we will also provide new local jobs."

Next Alternative Inc. is a break-through company paving the way in the global effort to discover alternative means of energy. Understanding the need to reduce the demand for fossil fuels, Next Alternative is pioneering new methods that provide eco-friendly solutions. Poised on the cutting-edge of new green technologies, Next Alternative strives to develop and offer products that meet the challenges of our new economy. Next Alternative stands as an innovator - bringing existing technologies together and melding them to meet future demand.

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