Next Alternative, Inc.

Next Alternative, Inc.

June 28, 2011 02:00 ET

Next Alternative Commissions Economic Development Company to Assist in European Expansion

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 28, 2011) - Robert Ireland, CEO of Next Alternative, Inc. (XETRA:N4H), announced today that the firm has hired Alsace International to aid in its expansion process.

Alsace International provides a variety of services to companies wishing to enter new markets in France or other European regions. Through its network of partners, Alsace International advises on strategic options, location searches, special funding and other elements critical in such a venture.

Next Alternative (NAI) has seen an abundance of interest coming from France. Therefore, it has decided that creating a presence there would prove extremely logical and most beneficial. NAI is in talks to install an Emulsion Fuel plant in the Alsace area that would serve France and other European countries. NAI is looking to Alsace International to identify the best avenues and opportunities to ensure a well-rounded and solid entrée. As France offers government grants and other financing for research and development-related companies, NAI is hopeful that it will be able to take advantage of some of these tools.

According to Mr. Ireland, "Next Alternative feels that the time is ripe for a move into France." He continued, "With Alsace International helping us through these important stages, we are sure that we will devise the perfect plan in which we can situate ourselves appropriately within the market and cultivate strong relationships in France and other countries. It's a very exciting prospect!"

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