Next Alternative, Inc.

Next Alternative, Inc.

January 13, 2011 03:00 ET

Next Alternative Poised to Begin Major Push of New Alternative Fuel With Stunning, Far-Reaching Benefits

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 13, 2011) - Robert Ireland, CEO of Next Alternative, Inc. (FRANKFURT:N4H) trading on the Frankfurt Exchange, has recently relayed that the firm is set to begin an in-depth promotion of its Emulsion Fuel.

Emulsion or NAI-Fuel is water and petroleum blended on a sub-micron level. Next Alternative (NAI) manufactures this mixture at a 60% fuel, 40% water ratio. Also included is a miniscule amount of a stabilizing agent. This formula yields a completely new fuel that currently exceeds all EPA emission regulations and costs 30% less than the same amount of pre-processed fuel. This development has amazing implications for a variety of industries.

In particular, NAI has its eye set on electrical power plants that are having difficulties in meeting the EPA emissions requirements. All across Canada and the United States power plants are closing down due to the increased costs of fuel, the costs associated with production of electricity and most importantly – the costs of bringing these plants up to code. The levels of pollutants that are released while producing electricity continue to be a major issue. Retrofitting existing plants is incredibly cost prohibitive, making compliance nearly impossible. Next Alternative sees its NAI-Fuel as a viable alternative that will not only meet the EPA requirements, but will also save these plants money.

According to Ireland, "The development of NAI-Fuel has the potential to revolutionize the efficiency of our fuel output." He also stated, "Specifically within power plants, we can offer a vastly cleaner and less costly way to produce electricity, while addressing the protection of the environment at the same time. That's a win-win situation plain and simple."

Next Alternative's emulsion fuel plant is now up and running in Canada. Fuel is presently being manufactured and burn tests have been very successful, producing tremendously positive results. Next Alternative has a steady flow of clients already interested in the fuel, as well as NAI's NAI-Fuel machines. Subsequently, agreements and contracts are being drawn.

Next Alternative Inc. is a break-through company paving the way in the global effort to discover alternative means of energy. Understanding the need to reduce the demand for fossil fuels, Next Alternative is pioneering new methods that provide eco-friendly solutions. Poised on the cutting-edge of new green technologies, Next Alternative strives to develop and offer products that meet the challenges of our new economy. Next Alternative stands as an innovator - bringing existing technologies together and melding them to meet future demand.

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