Next Alternative, Inc.

Next Alternative, Inc.

January 27, 2011 03:00 ET

Next Alternative's Emulsion Fuel Surpassing Expectations

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 27, 2011) - Robert Ireland, CEO of Next Alternative, Inc. (FRANKFURT:N4H), recently relayed that the firm has been testing a new formula of Emulsion Fuel that will have significant impact on a variety of energy-related industries.

Emulsion Fuel (Em-Fuel) consists of water and petroleum blended on a sub-micron level. Next Alternative (NAI) has already produced the mixture at a ratio of 60% fuel and 40% water – with a small amount of a stabilizing agent. Now the company reports that it is currently testing a mixture that includes an even 50% of both ingredients.

Em-Fuel has proven to be a cleaner source of energy that easily meets or exceeds all EPA requirements. In addition, it costs much less to manufacture than pre-processed fuels. The implications of Em-Fuel are vast and far-reaching. Our modes of transport – cars, buses, trains, ships, planes, as well as other implements powered by an internal-combustion engine such as generators and boilers, would require a fraction of diesel fuel currently being used.

According to Ireland, "Evolving emissions requirements, coupled with the high cost of manufacturing has already brought some companies to their knees. Next Alternative is poised to offer a sound solution that satisfies energy-related needs." He further stated, "We are excited to be on the front lines of this emerging new energy and will continue to research in order to produce the most efficient and effective formulas available."

The fact that large equipment manufacturers like Caterpillar are looking seriously at this alternative energy is a sure sign of the growing belief in its viability. This would appear to be only the tip of the iceberg. Next Alternative projects that a multitude of companies, spanning numerous industries, will soon seek to capitalize on the amazing benefits of Em-Fuel. Beyond that, when considering the future, it is likely that Em-Fuel will personally touch masses of consumers in some way.

Next Alternative Inc. is a break-through company paving the way in the global effort to discover alternative means of energy. Understanding the need to reduce the demand for fossil fuels, Next Alternative is pioneering new methods that provide eco-friendly solutions. Poised on the cutting-edge of new green technologies, Next Alternative strives to develop and offer products that meet the challenges of our new economy. Next Alternative stands as an innovator - bringing existing technologies together and melding them to meet future demand.

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