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June 26, 2014 11:11 ET

Next Generation Cerebral Blood Flow Monitor Company to Be Based in Massachusetts, U.S.

KFAR SABA, ISRAEL--(Marketwired - Jun 26, 2014) - Ornim Medical, Inc., the manufacturer of the successful CerOx™ Cerebral Flow Monitor, has now completed the recruitment process for a U.S.-based salesforce that will introduce the c-FLOW™, its next generation Cerebral Blood Flow Monitor. Sales of c-FLOW™ are expected to begin in the third quarter of 2014, after a soft launch at a number of centers of excellence around the country.

The c-FLOW™ is a continuous, non-invasive monitor of deep tissue blood flow that provides direct measurements of relative changes in tissue blood flow. Using Ornim Medical's patented UTLight™ technology, the c-FLOW™ monitors regional microcirculatory blood flow in tissues by using sensors placed near the area of interest. Information reflecting real-time qualitative changes in blood flow is displayed numerically and graphically on the bedside monitor's screen.

The c-FLOW™ monitor will enable physicians to monitor changes in cerebral blood flow that may have a dismal effect on patient outcomes. The ability to monitor CBF changes together with MAP may give physicians a better understanding of a patient's autoregulation (AR) status. The use of the c-FLOW™ monitor may also assist in the dynamic management of blood pressure, CO2, ICP and other factors, ultimately optimizing tissue perfusion. This dynamic management is important in tailoring treatment in the ICU for TBI, SAH, ICH and stroke patients and in the OR for a wide range of surgeries, including CVS (e.g. CABG, aorta, valves repairs), CEA, spine & shoulder and various other high-risk procedures.

In conjunction with the introduction of c-FLOW Cerebral Flow Monitor, the company has also announced its decision to open its U.S. headquarters in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The decision to set this office in Massachusetts was finalized following the recent visit of the Massachusetts Trade Delegation to Israel. Israel Schreiber, the CEO of Ornim Medical, noted: "The opportunity to meet with the Governor and other participants in the delegation has further highlighted the benefits of Massachusetts for innovative medical technology companies like Ornim. We already have working relationships with a number of groups in the State and a working clinical site at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Massachusetts provides us with access to the scientific and clinical community, and allows us to draw on the vast human capital that will be critical to our growth."

"Thanks to our growth strategy of investing in education, innovation and infrastructure, Massachusetts continues to lead the world in life sciences," said Governor Deval Patrick. "Through our recent innovation partnership mission we built new relationships that will result in life sciences growth in both Israel and Massachusetts. We welcome Ornim to Massachusetts and look forward to their contributions to our thriving life sciences community."

"Governor Patrick's trade mission to Israel sparked many new business opportunities, including the decision by Ornim Medical to locate its US headquarters in Massachusetts," said Susan Windham-Bannister, President & CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, and a participant in the trade mission. "We welcome Ornim, and look forward to an ongoing partnership to facilitate its growth in Massachusetts."

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About Ornim Medical

Ornim Medical is a biomedical technology company specializing in clinical research, development, and distribution of the highest quality monitoring devices for cerebral and tissue blood flow. Its two products, the CerOx™ and the c-FLOW™ are based on the patented UTLight™ technology and can be used in most areas where cerebral blood flow needs to be monitored.

Ornim Medical provides physicians with the most advanced monitoring tools to help direct safe and decisive patient care when the perfusion of vital tissue is at stake. Ornim's CerOx™ monitor is the only device enabling simultaneous, non-invasive measurement of blood flow and oxygen saturation, while the c-FLOW™ is a pared down version used to measure cerebral blood flow only. The use of either of these products (depending on the clinical setting) provide physicians with critical information needed to understand perfusion, helping direct treatment and lower the cost of patient care.

Ornim Medical's patented UTLight™ technology employs the combination of light and ultrasound to provide a non-invasive measure of regional blood oxygen saturation and blood flow. UTLight™ technology is unique among all other commercially available NIRS technologies, since it also analyzes the light speckle signal and does not rely solely on the intensity of light reaching the detector.

Ornim Medical's unique technology is protected by 13 granted worldwide patents.

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