February 07, 2017 18:00 ET

Next-Generation Self-Serve Fueling Terminal Introduced by QTPod at NBAA 2017 Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference

M-4000 offers state-of-the-art communication platforms; cloud-based anywhere/anytime access; auto-dimming displays and backlit keypads for ease of use day or night; and an extremely low cost to operate and maintain

FORT WORTH, TX --(Marketwired - February 07, 2017) - QTPod, the industry leader in manufacturing self-serve fueling terminals for the aviation and marine industries, unveiled the next generation of self-serve fueling terminals, the M-4000, to thousands of attendees at the NBAA 2017 Schedulers and Dispatchers conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

The M-4000 offers many new features and enhancements previously not available on any aviation self-serve fueling terminal. Multiple options for payment processing communications, including cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet, web-based software management application, a new and substantially improved user interface and the ability to control up to eight pumps are just of few of the new features on the M-4000.

M-4000 Next-Generation Communications lowers costs

QTPod engineers designed the new unit with input from customers, distributors and end-users in mind. At the top of the list of shortcomings of existing terminals was the reliance of decades-old dial-up modem technology for payment authorization and unit control. This mode of communications produced slower or incomplete transactions, often resulting in frustrated customers, more expensive transaction processing rates or even lost sales. The M-4000 solves this problem with cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet-capable options for card processing, resulting in reduced communication costs while improving overall customer service and unmatched reliability.

Anywhere / Anytime Secure Access

Another benefit to the new communications capabilities of the M-4000 is the ability to manage and control the device remotely, from any device, as well as receive automatic software updates. Existing self-serve terminals often rely on a dedicated or single computer to manage and control the terminal and often required users to physically be at that computer to make changes or retrieve information. Older devices often required physical site visits to manually load software updates to the fuel terminal in addition to the updates provided to the computer.

With the M-4000, operators can access the unit from anywhere to check sales, change prices or set access privileges. This convenient feature also enables real-time transaction reconciliation so that operators can ensure adequate fuel supply, access funds faster and run a more efficient fueling operation 24 hours a day throughout the year. In addition, with automatic updates from QTPod pushed to every terminal remotely, operators no longer need to physically visit the terminal to upload the latest version of software, thereby guaranteeing the device is always operating on the latest software and security enhancements.

User Interface with the End User in Mind

QTPod has made significant improvements to the user interface on the M-4000 that make for an improved customer experience, day or night. For example, QTPod engineers included user-friendly features such as back-lit capacitive touch keypads to help users see the keypad while entering information at night. The unit also has a larger and brighter color display for easy viewing in bright conditions and includes auto-diming capability for reduced glare in low-light conditions. The M-4000 controls up to eight separate pumps, eliminating the need for costly additional terminals. These features make for an improved customer experience at the pump and a more cost-effective solution for operators.

Designed to withstand the harshest conditions

"When we set out to design the next-generation of self-serve fueling terminals we sought feedback and input from our thousands of customers who work in all sorts of environments," said Matt Duncan, General Manager of QTPod. "Many of the features, and capabilities of the M-4000, are a result of that feedback, plus years of research and experience in building one of the most widely used and dependable self-serve terminals, QTPod's M-3000 unit," said Duncan.

QT's current customers span the continent and operate in some of the harshest and most unforgiving conditions. Consequently, the M-4000 was designed to resist driving rain, snow, sleet and salt water environments with its rugged stainless steel cabinet that is not only weatherproof, but also corrosion resistant. Other examples of environment-driven features include auto-dimming display and backlit capacitive key pads to accommodate any lighting conditions. QTPod also designed it for remote locations so the maintenance and oversight of the device can be managed in the cloud, thereby reducing the need for on-sight visits, with the automatic software updates that can be uploaded anywhere and anytime.

Why Self-Serve Terminals?

For many operators, self-serve fueling terminals enable the facility to offer around the clock fueling without increasing staffing costs. "We've heard from operators who initially installed self-serve fueling terminals as a way to speed operations during business hours, but then saw an unexpected increase in after-hours sales," said Duncan. "It's found revenue for the operator, plus a great convenience for customers, especially those whose flight plans may be altered by weather and don't want to wait for a line tech to be called out to refuel the aircraft," said Duncan.

Why upgrade now?

It is expected that operators of existing self-serve fueling terminals will continue to face rising costs to run older devices. Increased communication costs for a dedicated phone line is just one example, however the processing rates for dial-up transactions are some of the most unfavorable offered. "QTPod has made upgrading to its new system easy and affordable," says Duncan. "For example, the communications costs are significantly less than the existing model and the M-4000 footprint fits exactly over the foundation of the older M-3000 model, greatly simplifying installation for upgrades." Duncan also says, "The automatic software updates means less spend on maintenance and more up time for sales, plus the ability to control more pumps equates to fewer terminals to purchase and maintain overall."

Pre-launch demand is high for the M-4000 and QTPod is accepting orders for delivery beginning in April 2017. The M-4000 is available from QTPod and quality distributors across North America. For more information, visit

About QTPod

QT Petroleum on Demand (QTPod) has set the standard for self-serve fueling in the aviation and marine industries for over 25 years. With thousands of installations throughout the world, our self-serve fuel management systems are designed to operate in any climate, from Alaska to the Florida Keys. Our intuitive, user friendly interface ensures that your customers can operate the system with ease. Our modular electronics ensure that maintenance is simple and worry free too. QTPod is headquartered in Boulder, CO., and has operations in North Texas and in the Pacific Northwest.

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