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July 01, 2008 10:30 ET

nexTier Networks Debuts More Intelligent Data Leak Prevention Solution

World's First Semantic Analysis Technology Redefines DLP

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - July 1, 2008) - nexTier Networks (, the company that is revolutionizing information security and data leak prevention through its unique semantic analysis technology, today announced immediate availability of the industry's first data leak prevention solution with built-in semantic analysis and automated security policy management. nexTier Networks' DLP automatically assigns security values to discovered network data, classifies the data and applies security policies based on data context. No other security provider provides such a contextually aware and complete suite targeting data leak prevention in the industry today.

One of the biggest challenges for companies today is protecting ever-increasing amounts of sensitive data, and that data is increasingly unstructured and harder to discover. Access to sensitive documents needs to be tightly controlled. nexTier's Data Leak Prevention Suite enables organizations to identify and protect their information no matter where it is located in the enterprise by automatically discovering sensitive information and applying semantic intelligence to determine what the document's content is, who can access what data and where it can and cannot be sent to enforce business policies and compliance. The result is increased visibility into all information across the business and greater control of that information. Additionally, nexTier's language-independent algorithms interpret and correlate the unique DNA of data to determine security policies in real-time. Highly resistant to evasion, nexTier's algorithm can determine the origin of information even if data has been retyped into a brand new document or rearranged and reworded in an evasive or subversive manner.

"Traditional data leak prevention and loss prevention technologies have not yet delivered solutions that accurately protect all sensitive data in the enterprise," said nexTier Networks' Founder and CTO Tarique Mustafa. "nexTier delivers robust security, monitoring all egress points for potential data leakage and protecting sensitive data across the enterprise -- from web applications to endpoints. Our system uniquely understands the data and determines a security policy, based on that context that determines where that document can, and cannot, go."

nexTier's data leak prevention technologies let enterprises reduce data-protection administrative tasks from days to minutes, mitigate risk, automate compliance requirements, and proactively protect information enterprise-wide. NexTier does not require long deployment cycles and does not require users to change any behaviors. Instead, nexTier technology gives companies a real-time and on demand way to not only see who is accessing, changing, deleting or moving information stored on file systems, but also to prevent unauthorized or inadvertent data leakage.

"The depth of understanding of the information and ability to classify data in motion, shown by the nexTier product is amazing, " said Dr. Anton Chuvakin, recognized security expert and author of "Security Warrior" and other works. "The company's new approach to DLP will reduce the risk of negligent or malicious disclosure of confidential and sensitive data." Chuvakin has just joined nexTier's Technical Advisory Board.

Innovating DLP With Greater Accuracy, More Automation

nexTier Networks technology provides total managed security enforcement and analytics that fully automate security policies based upon the content of the data itself. The product can then alert, quarantine, question, block, archive, or encrypt data according to business requirements. nexTier's patent-pending self-learning algorithms are scalable across enterprise deployments of tens of thousands of employees, up to multiple petabytes of data, and using gigabits of bandwidth demand.

To achieve such a high level of accuracy at the scale of the modern enterprise, nexTier is introducing two significant innovations that redefine data leak prevention. Available in this first release are:

--  nexTier's Security-Semantic CORelation and indEXxing (S2 COREX™)
    algorithms overcome the accuracy, scale and speed limitations of
    traditional Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and other similar algorithms.
    Instead, nexTier algorithms discover, classify, and index information in
    real-time within the context of data information and security
--  nexTier algorithms extract, or "sequence," just enough information
    using less than 1000 bytes of space to accurately identify the origin and
    security value of data. Much like the uniqueness of human DNA, nexTier's
    "Semantic DNA Sequence™" identifies where information came from even if
    the information was extensively modified or repurposed accidentally or

Pricing and Availability

nexTier's Data Leak Prevention Suite is available now. Enterprise deployments start at $50,000 (US).

About nexTier Networks

Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, nexTier Networks is creating a whole new way to secure business information by firewalling data at the semantic level. Following years of intensive research and development, nexTier delivers breakthrough technology that combines semantic analysis with world-class security algorithms capable of differentiating between real and fraudulent activities across very large volumes of data in real time with unprecedented accuracy. The company was founded by Silicon Valley security veteran Tarique Mustafa and is backed by a team and board of advisors that includes many leading authorities from companies like Symantec, McAfee, VeriSign, Cisco, Juniper, Borderware, Sygate and Securify. Automating data security with unparalleled contextual insight to discover, classify, assess, and protect sensitive data, nexTier is delivering the next level of data loss prevention security to businesses today.

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