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May 22, 2006 09:00 ET

NextSentry Eliminates the Threat of Employees Distributing Private Data or Intellectual Property to the Outside World

New ActiveSentry Solution Understands Users' Intent to Immediately Thwart Desktop Security Breaches Without Disrupting Employee Productivity

SPOKANE, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 22, 2006 -- NextSentry, the specialist in intelligent desktop security, announced today the official launch of the company and its ActiveSentry™ product. Delivering the industry's most advanced solution for eliminating internal data theft, ActiveSentry offers unobtrusive desktop monitoring across a broad array of potential distribution methods including email, instant messaging, blogs, file transfer, printing, as well as removable storage devices such as memory sticks or CDs.

"The need to protect our customer information is critical to our business," said Jim Brockett, CIO at Washington Trust Bank. "ActiveSentry allows us to see exactly what's happening at the desktop and isolate problems immediately. We've been working with ActiveSentry for more than a year and I'm especially impressed with its ability to automatically detect malicious behavior in real-time. Most importantly, ActiveSentry is far less work for our IT department and we're not disrupting our employees."

Insider Security Threats Outnumber and Far Exceed the Damage Costs of External Attacks

With growing public concern about identity theft, other fraudulent activities, and increasingly stringent compliance and regulatory issues faced by organizations, corporations need a solution designed specifically to protect their network against insider threats.

Today, insider security threats -- whether accidental or malicious -- outnumber and their costs far exceed external attacks. In fact, according to the latest Ernst & Young Global Information Security Survey, "An insider attack caused an average of $2.7 million in damages, where the average outside attack cost $57,000."

ActiveSentry ContextIQ™: Intelligence at the Core

At the core of ActiveSentry is ContextIQ, a sophisticated context-based engine that automatically understands a user's intent, helping companies respond to threats in real-time. For example, ActiveSentry ContextIQ is capable of understanding that a document containing a custom loan quote going to a legitimate customer via e-mail is acceptable, and is able to differentiate that from an employee maliciously sending customer account information out to a third party.

Only the ActiveSentry ContextIQ engine:

--  Uses conceptual meaning and context to trigger alerts. It is the only
    product that matches phrase and context, and can tie relationships
    between keywords. Most products only rely on simple keyword matching,
    which often blocks legitimate data and allows confidential information
    to leave the network.
--  Minimizes alert volume and false positives. While other products inundate
    you with hundreds or thousands of alerts daily, only ActiveSentry offers
    the granularity of control that enables administrators to dramatically
    reduce the volume of alerts. Administrators monitor alerts against the
    existing security policies and rank the severity of the employee activity
    to decrease false positives. The longer the product is deployed, the more
    accurate it becomes based on this input.
Easy Deployment and Ongoing Management

ActiveSentry includes an intuitive management dashboard that allows administrators to install the ActiveSentry StealthAgent™, manage policy, and create reports. The Policy Management Wizard allows administrators to easily create new policies and manage existing ones. In addition, the dashboard produces easy-to-read reports that provide business managers with actionable insight.

"While most companies have deployed firewall, intrusion detection systems (IDS), anti-virus, and other solutions to protect the network perimeter against external threats, these efforts have done nothing to address the problem with internal security threats," said Jim Hereford, CEO at NextSentry. "Companies need a product that will proactively monitor, measure, and prevent the inappropriate disclosure of intellectual property or customer information. Our latest solution is the answer. ActiveSentry is uniquely architected to stop insider threats in real-time. No other product on the market today can match the level of functionalities that are found in ActiveSentry."


ActiveSentry will ship at the end of June. For a private presentation, you can contact NextSentry at 509-242-0777 or send email to Or, stop by the NextSentry booth at the NetSec Conference from June 12th-14th in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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NextSentry, the specialist in intelligent desktop security, offers a new approach that prevents employees from accidentally or maliciously distributing private data or intellectual property to the outside world. ActiveSentry delivers the real-time desktop awareness necessary to protect a company's sensitive data and ensure that employees follow corporate security policies. Today, a growing list of NextSentry customers rely on ActiveSentry to protect their business-critical resources. For more information, visit

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