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May 03, 2007 11:58 ET

NextStudent's Scholarship Search Directory Allows Students to Become Their Own College Funding Resource

PHOENIX, AZ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 3, 2007 -- Each year the cost of a college education continues to increase, along with the debt that students incur in order to finance their education. New proposed student loan legislation is under consideration to lower interest rates and accomplish other helpful initiatives that reduce the burden of funding college but has not yet been enacted. States have rallied to the cause, working in tandem with university administrators to implement policies that greatly reduce tuition for in-state residents and lower-income students.

However, a little-considered method for reducing debt when attending college comes down to students acting as their own "college funding resource" by completing comprehensive, in-depth scholarship searches for FREE money, according to NextStudent, the leading Phoenix-based education funding company. In fact, since most students and their parents don't spend enough time in their attempt to find FREE money for college, they are more likely to miss the unique opportunities that greatly would reduce the amount they borrow.

There are quite a few more scholarships out there than most people realize; it just takes a significant commitment of time and effort to uncover them, which most people fail to do. There are over $3.4 billion in total awards from more than 2.4 million scholarships available from some 42,000 funding sources that may be located through NextStudent's free, online Scholarship Search Directory. Unfortunately, many of these awards remain unclaimed, largely since people may not know the awards are available or because they fail to fully qualify.

In order to be best positioned for success, it is essential that students start with a plan when attempting to find the scholarships that best fit their circumstances. It is wise to make this process as simple as possible, by first searching for awards for the year the student will be attending school ("Year of Study" link), and by the college of choice ("College(s)" link). Next, students may narrow down their parameters by where they live ("State of residency" link) as well as looking to see if either of their parents' employers offers scholarships for students by selecting the "Corporate Employer(s)" link. Third, a search may be performed by the academic major the student will be pursuing ("Academic Major" link). Finally, there are many unique, individual situations that may be searched by category for students with special needs or according to very specialized circumstances ("Unique Situation" link).

Regardless of a student's specific needs, abilities or goals, there are numerous scholarship awards for which students may qualify. When students choose to commit the time and resources to obtaining FREE money for college, they most likely will reap bountiful rewards for their efforts, significantly reducing their debt burden.

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NextStudent, federal lender code 834051, is dedicated to helping students and their families find affordable ways to pay for college. NextStudent offers one-on-one education finance counseling and has a portfolio of highly competitive education finance products and services including a free online scholarship search engine, federally guaranteed parent and student loans, private student loans, both federal and private student loan consolidation programs, and college savings plans.

The NextStudent Scholarship Search Engine, one of the nation's oldest and largest scholarship search engines, is updated daily, available free of charge, completely private -- and represents 2.4 million scholarships worth $3.4 billion.

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