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April 12, 2012 09:25 ET

Nexxo Financial Corporation "Bank in a Box" Kiosk Gets Kudos at Conferences

Attendees Say Multi-Service K3000 Is the Only Box on the Block Delivering Unique All-in-One Solution

BURLINGAME, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 12, 2012) - Nexxo Financial Corporation recently demonstrated that its multi-service, multi-channel kiosk, the K3000, is the leading solution in self-serve financial transactions. Attendees at three recent financial industry conferences saw how customers can simply swipe a Nexxo card or enter their PIN, select a transaction from the multilingual touch screen, and leave with their receipt and cash -- all in less than a minute.

Nexxo's Integrated Financial Services (IFS) platform integrates a variety of financial services in one kiosk to create a customer-centric experience. Customers register only once to cash checks, buy money orders, load prepaid cards, pay bills, send money, top up phone minutes, and withdraw cash.

Nexxo showed its K3000 kiosk at three conferences in March: ATMIA 13th Annual US Conference & Expo; CFSA 2012; and the Prepaid Expo.

"Attendees told us they were amazed to see Nexxo's K3000 combine services that have never been offered together," said Nexxo CEO and co-founder David Alvarez. "We had overwhelming interest in our solution from a variety of industry segments."

While the traditional underbanked experience involves standing in lines, filling out forms, unknown fees, and interacting with people behind glass windows, Nexxo offers customers a refreshing change, one based on thousands of hours of behavior analysis. The user-friendly Nexxo interface guides customers through transactions quickly and conveniently and displays fees upfront. All kiosks connect directly via phone to the in-house, U.S.-based call center, so consumers can access live customer care in both English and Spanish.

"The customer experience at the kiosk drives the technology rather than the other way around," said Mitch DeShields, Nexxo Chief Technology Officer. "We've focused on how to make life easier for customers."

Nexxo designed its interface considering how customers naturally want to begin a transaction, and how to make text, prompts, and screens as simple to navigate as possible. For example, customers begin bill pay by seeing a list of their local utilities providers. On their next visit to the kiosk, customers' past payees automatically appear on the screen.

The data shows customers gain trust with Nexxo. After using the kiosks a couple of times, customers visit more frequently and branch out to other types of services.

Besides the K3000, Nexxo also offers the K2000, a smaller model that does everything the K3000 does, except dispense cash. Nexxo's services operate in more than 1,000 locations.

All of Nexxo's kiosks can operate up to 24/7, enabling Nexxo's retail partners to offer their customers a full suite of financial services in just six square feet of floor space.

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Founded in 2003, Nexxo is the leader in self-serve financial solutions. Its Integrated Financial Services Platform (IFS) offers a unified, customer-centric solution that seamlessly handles multiple products (check cashing, money transfer, bill pay, money orders, prepaid card servicing, and phone minute top-ups) and multiple channels (self-serve kiosk, teller-assisted desktop, and via mobile phone). With more than four million transactions and $1 billion processed, Nexxo's technology has been proven at hundreds of field locations. Nexxo offers its turn-key financial solutions and service applications to an expanding network of retail partners, domestic and international banks, and financial service providers. For more information, visit

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