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February 03, 2012 16:58 ET

NFL Star BenJarvus Green-Ellis Will Wear Revolutionary Impact Indicator in Super Bowl XLVI to Identify Potential Concussions

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 3, 2012) -

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New England Patriots running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis understands how quickly a career can end if multiple concussions go undiagnosed and sees the Indicator as a way to extend his career. The Impact Indicator is a revolutionary chinstrap built with micro-sensor technology designed to help detect the probability of concussions.

The Impact Indicator measures the G-force and duration of hits sustained by an athlete's head during play. It uses highly sophisticated technology and proprietary software embedded in the chinstrap - which fits virtually any helmet - to signal the possibility of a head injury. This revolutionary new product will alert referees, players and coaches to get a player off the field for a medical assessment - maximizing treatment, recovery and possibly preventing subsequent brain injury.

One area where much of Green-Ellis' focus will remain pertains to the additional steps he'll be taking to remain safe on the field. Green-Ellis will take the precautionary step of protecting himself from head injuries by wearing the Impact Indicator, beginning with this year's Super Bowl.

"I'm extremely excited and grateful to have the opportunity to wear the Impact Indicator. My hat's off to Battle Sports Science for spending the time to research and develop a revolutionary product like the Indicator to help detect possible head injuries," said BenJarvus Green-Ellis. "As a running back in this league, the hits I take are vicious. With the long-term effects and career-ending potential undetected concussions bring, I can't afford to take any risks out there. I wish I had the opportunity to wear a product like this when I was playing youth football and throughout my career. It's a device needed at all levels of the game, and I'm honored to be able to help bring awareness to let parents, coaches and trainers know this is a tool that can help detect the probability of a head injury."

"At Battle Sports Science, we're excited to have someone like BenJarvus Green-Ellis wearing and endorsing the Impact Indicator. Green-Ellis is a model NFL player and more importantly, a person," said Chris Circo, CEO of Battle Sports Science. "To have a player of his caliber and reputation endorsing this product is monumental in achieving our main objective - keeping youth players across the country safe from head injuries. We look forward to a long partnership with Mr. Green-Ellis beginning with Super Bowl XLVI where he'll be wearing the Impact Indicator."

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