SOURCE: nFront Security, Inc.

November 12, 2007 13:00 ET

nFront Security Gives Users Feedback on Windows Password Strength

nFront Password Filter Client Displays Dynamic Password Strength Meter

ALPHARETTA, GA--(Marketwire - November 12, 2007) - nFront Security,, today announces the availability of the nFront Password Filter client for Windows that can dynamically gauge the password strength of a user's new password. To date, nFront Security is the first company to dynamically gauge password strength on the Windows Password Change dialog.

"In my opinion, weak passwords are even more dangerous than incorrectly configured firewalls since weak passwords usually allow access to sensitive data," stated Gregg Branham, CEO of nFront Security. "Our integrated client should go a long way in helping users choose better and stronger passwords that are more difficult for password crackers."

The password strength meter is dynamic and changes as a user types in his or her new password. The strength ratings are configured by the network administrator and based on the mathematical probability of cracking the user's password within a given time interval. For example, the administrator may decide to give a strong rating to a password which will take more than 90 days to crack. Since the password strength meter factors in the password cracker speed, the meter can quickly be adjusted if a newer, faster password cracker is released. In such case, the administrator simply changes a centralized Group Policy Object (GPO) to indicate the new password cracker speed. Instantaneously, all nFront Password Filter clients will reflect the changes. Passwords that were rated medium may now be considered weak.

The nFront Password Filter client is part of the nFront Password Filter software package. Some client features include:

--  The client is centrally controlled using a Group Policy Object (GPO).
--  The client displays a list of password policy rules specific to the
--  The client optionally displays the password strength of the new
--  The client can provide a detailed failure message for password changes
    that fail.

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nFront Security specializes in innovative software solutions for network security. The company's prominent program, nFront Password Filter, protects data integrity by establishing password policies that prevent the use of easily hacked passwords. This enforcement tool is available for Windows Active Directory and Microsoft SQL servers. Companies in more than 20 countries and numerous Fortune 100 companies use nFront Password Filter to meet SOX, HIPAA and PCI requirements. For more information, visit or call (404)348-4678.

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