June 11, 2007 09:01 ET

NGRAIN Launches Energy Division to Minimize Industry's Costly Equipment Downtime, Improve Training Standards

Vancouver-based NGRAIN enters energy sector with interactive 3D simulation software.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - June 11, 2007) - NGRAIN, provider of 3D performance support solutions, today announced the launch of its Energy Division, which will provide support for maintenance and training activities carried out on complex oilfield equipment within the energy sector. This new division will allow utility, oil and gas, as well as drilling companies to fully leverage technology that has been widely used by the Canadian and US military to improve training and reduce equipment downtime.

NGRAIN's software, which enhances technical documentation and courseware with interactive 3D procedural simulations, demonstrates in real-time how to disassemble and reassemble complex oilfield equipment such as valves, top drives, pumps and other complex equipment. By using interactive 3D software, energy organizations can provide staff with a thorough understanding of equipment build and functionality, helping to reduce repair turn-around and improving safety.

"NGRAIN is the only software we have found that allows the user to interact with the virtual equipment in real time, and enables the user to take the tool apart to view its components. This functionality helps us ensure our team members learn more efficiently, which ultimately reduces costs and improves operations," said Jim Orcherton, Designer and Animation and Graphics Supervisor for Tesco Corporation, a company that designs, manufactures, and services technology-based solutions for the upstream energy industry. "We are impressed with how NGRAIN allows us to create sophisticated animations with small file sizes that can be easily viewed over the Web."

NGRAIN also provides the energy market with opportunities for cutting downtime to market for tools, accelerating training, and creating superior methods for developing manuals for new tools.

Typical users of NGRAIN's software are developers of equipment training and documentation who need to create interactive 3D simulations for integration into instruction manuals and training materials.

"Companies in today's energy sector face a unique situation: while demand for energy keeps rising, thus creating a significant market opportunity, the cost of extracting energy resources is also rising. The energy sector is therefore under significant pressure to reduce costs. Reducing equipment downtime is a key way for this sector to maintain profitability," explained Paul Lindahl, CEO of NGRAIN. "We are excited to provide businesses in this sector with a solution that will enable them to minimize costly downtime and enhance documentation and processes that can help workers achieve a much higher level of understanding of maintenance procedures."


NGRAIN transforms the sustainment of complex equipment with 3D performance support solutions for the aerospace and defense industry. NGRAIN increases equipment readiness by accelerating learning on complex equipment, enabling first-time-right performance, and reducing maintenance cycle time.

NGRAIN is optimized for web deployment and portable devices. With NGRAIN, anyone can rapidly incorporate interactive 3D equipment simulations into sustainment applications, including courseware and technical manuals.

Customers include all branches of the United States military, the Canadian Forces, and leading defense manufacturers and system integrators, including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and CAE.

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