November 26, 2007 09:01 ET

NGRAIN Launches Enhanced 3D Training and Maintenance Solutions at I/ITSEC

New functionality allows the creation of a broader range of virtual procedures with unparalleled realism

ORLANDO, FLORIDA and VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 26, 2007) - NGRAIN, an award-winning provider of 3D performance support solutions, today announced a major release of its unique interactive 3D software tools at the 2007 I/ITSEC conference in Orlando, Florida. Incorporating the latest advancements in 3D virtual equipment simulations, NGRAIN's new release provides significant improvements in realism, performance, 3D animations creation, and enhanced virtual practice. Together, these enhancements supplement the foundation of NGRAIN's unique solutions, which further accelerate training on complex equipment and improve maintenance and repair procedures.

In the development of its new software release, version 4.0, NGRAIN worked closely with various branches of the U.S. and Canadian military as well as partners such as CAE - a provider of simulation and modeling technologies for civil aviation and defense customers. Upgrades include improvements to NGRAIN Producer, the NGRAIN Viewer and the NGRAIN Integration Kit, which enable defense, commercial aviation and energy customers to enhance courseware, technical manuals and logistics applications with 3D virtual equipment models.

"I really like the new features and how easy it was to learn how to use them. With a minimum amount of time, I was able to create and edit 3D animations and procedures that let students practice maintenance tasks," said Master Corporal Joe Marcoux, CH-146 Griffon instructor at the Canadian Air Force 438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron, who was part of NGRAIN's beta program. "The ability to use constraints to enforce the motion of parts is an extremely helpful feature because it ensures that the 3D models more closely resemble the behavior of our real equipment, which increases accuracy and helps the student better understand how the equipment works."

"NGRAIN provides us with a software tool that is specifically designed and optimized for training of operators and maintainers of aircraft and other complex equipment," said Jeff Roberts, Group President, Innovation and Civil Training and Services, CAE. "At CAE, we combine these highly interactive 3D equipment simulations with our own high fidelity aircraft simulation to provide best-of-breed maintenance technical training solutions that meet our customers' requirements. With this new release, NGRAIN has incorporated many new capabilities that strengthen its position as a leading solution for interactive 3D virtual maintenance training software tools."

NGRAIN's new release also enables users to virtually practice a much broader range of maintenance procedures and operational scenarios in 3D, including diagnostic and troubleshooting procedures as well as equipment start-up, operation, and shutdown.

"We're seeing a growing demand for 3D-based training with the entry of the video game generation into the maintenance workforce," said Paul Lindahl, CEO of NGRAIN. "Today's technicians can be trained to perform maintenance tasks in an interactive 3D environment and NGRAIN simulations enable them to 'learn by doing' on a computer or a PDA - rather than simply watching videos or reading manuals. This helps to accelerate training, enhance knowledge transfer and improve overall field maintenance performance, which in turn provides a huge benefit to our customers."

Note to editors

Located in booth #1439, NGRAIN will demonstrate version 4.0 at this year's Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education Conference (I/ITSEC).


NGRAIN transforms the sustainment of complex equipment with 3D performance support solutions for the aerospace and defense industry. NGRAIN increases equipment readiness by accelerating learning on complex equipment, enabling first-time-right performance, and reducing maintenance cycle time.

NGRAIN is optimized for web deployment and portable devices. With NGRAIN, anyone can rapidly incorporate interactive 3D equipment simulations into sustainment applications, including courseware and technical manuals.

Customers include all branches of the United States military, the Canadian Forces, and leading defense manufacturers and system integrators, including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and CAE.

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