SOURCE: NHS Health Solutions, Inc.

June 30, 2011 14:24 ET

NHS Health Solutions, Inc. Finalizes Acquisition of Mineseeker

JACKSONVILLE, FL--(Marketwire - Jun 30, 2011) - NHS Health Solutions, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: NHSH), currently doing business as Centacom Corporation ("Centacom" or "Company"), has successfully brought Mineseeker Operations Overseas Limited ("Mineseeker"), a British Virgin Islands company, into its group of technology led companies, having finalized the acquisition of Mineseeker as a subsidiary earlier today.

The Mineseeker shareholders will take a forty three percent (43%) stake in NHSH, creating an equal partnership with Centacom Holdings, the parent corporation, and will further be equally represented on the Board of Directors. While a subsidiary of NHSH, it is the parties' desire that Mineseeker be substantially independent in its governance and operations. In addition, the parties anticipate that Mineseeker may eventually be spun-off into its own public company after it has been able to reach an advanced operational stage; however, following any such spin-off, NHSH would retain a very valuable equity stake in the new public company. This profitable relationship will provide a foundation to bring value to shareholders on both a short term and long term basis.

The arrangement is seen by Mineseeker and Centacom as a very significant strategic move. While Mineseeker has technology that can identify landmines buried beneath the surface of the earth, Centacom has a range of synergistic products that add value to the Mineseeker proposition.

The Mineseeker technology combines Ground Penetrating Radar images with high-definition digital photographic mosaics that will produce maps showing the exact location of landmines. The company demonstrated this integrated technology recently in Croatia. It was the first time that this combined technology had been successfully deployed on an aerial platform. The technology will be able to identify minefields in a fraction of the time taken by current methods and at a vastly reduced cost.
Mineseeker has recruited a team of landmine and aviation specialists to run the business following this announcement. Mineseeker CEO, Ed Cross, will be relocating to the NHSH corporate offices in Jacksonville, Florida.

A Strategic Plan is being written which will highlight new opportunities that have arisen from the development and demonstration of this technology. Ed Cross said, "While our first priority and core business is to use the Mineseeker product to identify landmines and return the land back to economic use, we have always been aware that there are other large markets for this type of high definition, detailed aerial survey. The potential markets include the Oil and Gas sector, where seismic survey companies are not able to begin their work until landmines are identified, as well as food production facilities that are unable to begin processing. A strategy for these sectors will be submitted for board approval as well as a plan for the establishment of Aid Free Zones, initially for the production of Coconut related products, in areas of Africa previously affected by landmines."

Chairman of Mineseeker Operations, Mike Kendrick, added, "We see the merger into NHSH as an important step. The E-learning, social networking and bandwidth products offer the educational and communication elements that are critical to support emerging nations. Life after landmines can finally become a reality. It is not enough to identify landmines and release land back to agriculture. The people will need support, for example learning how to farm the land, as well as understanding basic economics and direct line communications with the rest of the world. These are the types of benefits that we have in the West, but the developing world is deprived of. They will need this to become a part of the world business community, after the landmines are cleared. It is so exciting."

Mineseeker is committed to its philosophy of compassionate capitalism, developing groundbreaking technological applications capable of improving the lives of millions of people across the globe, whilst delivering substantial returns for investors committed to this vision.

All of the members of the Centacom management team not only welcome the addition of Mineseeker to our business portfolio, but greatly support their vision and are looking forward to this long term partnership.

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