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July 02, 2012 09:53 ET

NHS Health Solutions, Inc. Provides Business Update

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC--(Marketwire - Jul 2, 2012) -  NHS Health Solutions, Inc.'s (PINKSHEETS: NHSH) and its subsidiary Mineseeker Operations Overseas Limited ("Mineseeker") have recently entered into several strategic alliances and partnerships designed to provide a clear route to market its services. Our joint venture partners in Southern Africa have been in active discussions with a number of clients throughout the region and our representatives, both in the Middle East and South America, have held meetings with senior government officials over recent weeks, paving the way for further detailed discussions.

NHS Health Solutions Inc. is also pleased to announce that EnerVue World Inc. has completed the first part of its investment into the company, underpinning its oil & gas partnership with Mineseeker Operations. The initial share purchase paves the way for two further investment tranches of five hundred thousand dollars, within the next three months, followed by two million dollars to be phased over the next twelve months. A new Partnership Agreement has been signed to reflect this important development.

Mineseeker Executive Chairman Mike Kendrick commented, "EnerVue has recently completed the first stage of a significant equity investment into Mineseeker's holding company NHSH, which will further cement the relationship between the two companies."

"We have been working on this for some time, and I am delighted to be able to announce the formalization of this important partnership bringing oil & gas expertise to our group," he added.

Regional Directors from Mineseeker Southern Africa (MSAL) have recently returned from a field trip to visit stakeholders and officials, concerning the aerial survey, and ultimate clearance, of land affected by unexploded ordnance. 

Mineseeker Operations and MSAL are moving forward with negotiations and preparing protocols involved with the tender for this work, which is the first of up to seventeen similar contracts which will be open for tender in the future.

The protocol for the deployment of the Mineseeker's disruptive technology creates a new approach to existing markets and a value network involving completely different methodology.

MSAL has also been in close contact with officials in Angola, and Mineseeker is looking forward to receiving an invitation to visit the area shortly. This country is severely affected by landmines and the authorities are eager to get Mineseeker on site for a detailed briefing. We have one final step to complete before this visit can be scheduled.

We have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with a Colombia-based company with offices in Bogota, and interests in Chile. The Mineseeker management team has met with the owner and Directors of that company and an MOU Agreement has been executed. The MOU details a proposed joint venture which has been agreed and will be consummated when Mineseeker visits the area. That meeting is actively being scheduled.

Colombia has a serious landmine problem which is not only killing and maiming the civilian population, but is causing a significant displacement of its people. The Colombian Government has allocated some $280 million for the detection and removal of the landmines.

High level meetings have taken place in Colombia and Chile with senior government and military personnel and Mineseeker has received updates and detailed information on the targeted terrain and the total scope of the landmine problem, in order to facilitate a meaningful discussion on the feasibility of Mineseeker undertaking survey work in the area.

Details of that MOU and proposed JV will be announced in a press release in the coming days.

As previously reported, we have appointed WAMAR as our representatives in the Middle East and North Africa, which has already resulted in invitations to tender on a number of small contracts in the region. Following a meeting with the Group Chief Executive in Paris recently, the CEO of WAMAR Technologies flew over to the UK for two days of meetings at Mineseeker's offices earlier this week. We will make further announcements as talk's progress.

We are also in discussion with a number of governments that have oil and gas resources that cannot be exploited because the area is thought to be mined. These opportunities are taking us into a new commercial arena and we are in discussion with an African government that desires Mineseeker to work with the oil and gas concession owners.

Some economies prefer to pay for services with a barter arrangement and this is a normal and accepted practice by many international trading companies, which can deliver a 'super profit' element. This barter arrangement can provide a particularly lucrative contract in which the government has suggested that payment is made with 75% cash and 25% oil. While this will mean a more protracted negotiation, it offers exciting potential in Africa.

In order to maximise the potential of these opportunities, we are in discussion with oil and gas industry experts who are experienced and capable of brokering such deals. A press release will be issued shortly which will further detail this exciting development.

There has been a strategic change in our plans regarding the coconut factory and the launch of the Aid Free Zones.

We have divested the controlling interest in the factory, negating the need for further capital investment whilst retaining a minority stake in the facility.

The Board took the view that investment capital should be focused on core business, at this stage, until Mineseeker is fully under revenue.

However, there is a high level of interest in the Aid Free Zone concept, and we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a company in South Africa that is interested in investing 6 million Rand (approximately 720 thousand US dollars) to finance our village model. This will enable us to create sustainable micro-economies producing Aid Free Zone products and linking them with valuable export markets. In addition we are also working with several multi-national companies to fund energy and water projects to complete the picture.

We have already been asked if we can replicate the Aid Free Zone model in Sri Lanka. That country also has a landmine problem following recent troubles and a need for a sustainable program of economic development in the areas that have been affected. We are planning to visit the area in October for discussion at a very high level.

COMMENT from CEO Mike Kendrick
Mineseeker has a bold plan with many moving parts. It takes time to achieve the goals we have set ourselves. We believe we can grow the company to become a major player in the landmine detection, removal and post clearance investment arenas. All of our shareholders will be kept informed of updates as we progress.

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