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October 21, 2008 17:08 ET

Niche Company Noble Capital Taps Opportunities in Unsteady Market

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - October 21, 2008) - In the chaos of subprime mortgage meltdowns, worldwide credit crunches, falling stock prices and bail-outs, a small group of real estate investment banks in Texas are weathering the storm and even thriving by offering investors steady returns on investments.

Austin-based Noble Capital is one example. This private lending firm is gaining traction as one of the region's dominant players by offering lower-risk investments that have maintained a strong double-digit return over the six years the firm has been in business. Noble invests conservatively in strategic Texas real estate capital markets, including Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas.

"Not all the news is bad," says Jadon Newman, Noble Capital Founder. "Economists remind us that while the U.S. economy is suffering and our financial system is experiencing a lot of turmoil, the Texas markets continue to see positive growth due to the low cost of living, diverse economies and an attractive business climate.

"Opportunities are out there for the people (and companies) who are poised to take advantage of the current market. Sticking to conservative investment fundamentals since we opened our doors has paid off for us in the current economic crisis."

Noble focuses on making short-term asset-based mortgage loans for investment real estate opportunities to developers and investors who need access to working capital fast. The firm keeps a close eye on economic growth and the potential in the Texas real estate market, according to Marc Rankin, Executive Director for Noble. "If projections reported by the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University in August of this year are correct, Austin will outperform the rest of the country in job growth and health of its housing market both short- and long-term."

Texas real estate capital markets offer an attractive, conservative investment alternative to the stock market. Asset-based loans reduce risk. Good working relationships with borrowers, strong oversight and experienced fund management strategies minimize risks for those who invest in real estate lending and development.

"It's hard for an investor to participate in private lending on his own. We have a team of 20 experienced professionals who provide the oversight that's so critical to success," Newman stated.

"Noble Capital's business model offers investors looking to deploy anywhere from $100,000 to $3 million the chance to become first-lien lenders just like a bank. They can choose to put their money into specific projects, or they can spread their investment out over many projects through privately offered Funds we administer and manage ourselves," Newman added. "Spreading investment capital over several projects through one of the Funds lowers an investor's exposure through diversification. Of course, the return is generally not quite as high, either."

Through a wholly owned subsidiary, Streamline Funding, the company provides "hard money" loans to those facing a cash crunch or who need a bridge loan or funds for a real estate project. "Ultimately, the credit markets affect everyone and every business. We're happy to be in a position to help provide fast access to working capital, even on a relatively small scale," said Newman.

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