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December 18, 2007 08:00 ET

Niche Social Networks to Take Off in 2008

Pringo Networks Shares Opinion for 2008 Trends in Social Media

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - December 18, 2007) - Interest and focus in social networks will move from behemoth sites to more personalized groups, according to Pringo, a leading provider of white-label social networking platforms. The company's president, Gary Hall, today published his opinions on the social-media trends for 2008, predicting record-breaking deployments of feature-rich, special-interest community sites.

2008 will see some specific trends, including:

1. In order to maintain stickiness in 2008, brands will need to employ social media tools and user-generated content (UGC). To keep their competitive edge, they will be proactive in understanding and identifying their users' specific interests, providing a more relevant and feature-rich community.

2. The greatest growth in social media will be in affinity groups and niches. The largest social media sites will become less relevant and attractive to those who want social media to be intimate and useful, rather than broadly distributed.

3. Social media sites will reap the benefits from an increase in advertising dollars being spent, but consumers will reject advertising that is not tailored for their specific needs. The growth in highly-targeted sites will attract advertisers looking for a quicker return on investment. This will further reinforce the ad-revenue sharing model between organizations and social-media platform providers. In addition, we will see emergence of advertising-based standards.

4. Customer-facing companies that do not employ social media tools in their external communications and customer relationship management strategies will lose to competitors who actively adopt these. Individuals will expect companies to leverage this type of technology so the consumer voice can more easily be heard.

5. People will continue to spend more time on the Internet; however, they will hop from one web site to another less frequently, only spending time on social media sites and networks that fully engage their interests and values.

6. In 2008, a more mature audience will embrace online communities, even though the young early adopters acted as the initial catalyst for social media. Although growth in terms of quantity will still be largest among teens and 20-somethings, the highest percentage rise will come from parents of children who use social media, professionals and senior citizens, among others.

7. Major corporations will use social media tools for building better communication with employees, replacing outdated intranet systems. The increase in popularity of social networks and online communities in corporate environments will create a demand among businesses for customizable, scalable and feature-rich platforms.

8. Mobile social media will take off in 2008. Up until now mobile services have played a minor role in the development of social media. Consumers will want to take social media with them everywhere, driving the development of more mobile applications.

9. We will start to see market consolidation. Larger social media players will acquire smaller, common interest sites so that the established portals remain competitive, attractive and relevant.

"The growth of social networks to date has been explosive, but in 2008 we will see a shift in the pattern of growth and the direction the industry takes," said Gary Hall, president of Pringo. "Sites and networks that try to be all things to all people won't be able to create the most intimacy with their users. Businesses will more aggressively adopt social media tools as a way to reinforce branding and create community among individuals. We predict that specific interest groups will develop Web 2.0 social platforms, providing end-users with a dynamic, fun and more profitable online experience."

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