SOURCE: Nick-Lynn Technologies

August 21, 2007 09:00 ET

Nick-Lynn Technologies Introduces Phone-Based Emergency Communications Inc. Warning and Instruction System

Nine Million Warning Calls and Instructions Dispersed in Minutes

BENTONVILLE, AR--(Marketwire - August 21, 2007) - Nick-Lynn Technologies, a company creating solutions for some of today's most critical national issues, today announced its new Emergency Communications System (ECI). Based upon its inter-voice technology protocol, the new emergency warning and alert system can immediately dial more than nine million homes, businesses, and cell phones to warn of potential weather emergencies, disaster situations, or possible or real acts of terrorism.

"Our ECI system is an available and easy-to-deploy answer for local, state, and federal homeland security and emergency planning councils and committees," said Len Hillhouse, CEO of Nick-Lynn. "Immediate notification of impending disasters, or the ability to impart calm, strategic, and lifesaving instructions to a community is critical to protecting and serving the nation's citizens."

When activated, ECI allows emergency response personnel at any level of community or government to alert more than nine million citizens, within moments, of the details of the emergency, and also impart instructions for protection, preparation, or ultimately, coping with the event. The contact, delivered via hardwired phone and cell phone services, rings all of these devices within a specified area. Then a recorded message provides clear and succinct lifesaving steps designed to enable the citizen to prepare and survive. Much like the NOAA early-warning storm system, ECI can be programmed to target specific geographies as precise as individual city or zip code communities.

ECI is also capable of receiving messages to confirm that the outreach has been successful and that recipients have received the emergency instructions. ECI also has the ability to send text messages to all Internet carriers.

Potential ECI situations include:

Terrorist Alert or Warning
Biological/Health Alerts
Criminal Activity Alerts
Weather Situations
Utility or Service Outages
Fire Warnings/Evacuations
Chemical Spills
School Closings
Emergency Volunteer Recruitment

ECI is available now, and designed to serve the needs of all levels of local, state, and federal government entities. The system can be deployed nationwide to fulfill the needs of any level of homeland security agency. ECI is available for police, fire, corporate applications, military complex, university or college campuses, or private community and Telco installations. For more information on ECI contact Nick-Lynn Technologies at 888.640.1529.

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Nick-Lynn Technologies serves as the corporate head of a family of companies creating powerful solutions for major issues affecting the nation, its government, and its people. The company manages five business sub-divisions; the Capacity International Bank, the U.S. Liberty Card, Data Pay, Millennium Technologies, and Emergency Communications Inc. With corporate offices in Arkansas, an 180,000 square foot office complex will also be located in Omaha, Nebraska. In addition, offices are planned for every state capital to represent the company and meet the individual needs of each state. State representatives will be available 24 hours a day to maintain consistent contact with Nick-Lynn's local clients and government officials to ensure the needs of each are served.

The Company has a 20-year copyright of its subsidiaries, including Emergency Communications Inc. system, and the exclusive U.S. Liberty Card, the only credit card in the country specifically made to consolidate and process all government related payments. Contact Nick-Lynn Technologies at 888.640.1529.

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