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September 20, 2017 10:00 ET

Nicole Porter Launches Wellness Advantage Programs for Busy Professionals

Porter aims to shift the way people and businesses define stress, and how it impacts wellness and productivity at work

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - September 20, 2017) - Stressed out? Vancouver-based Wellness Educator Nicole Porter has just launched a series of Wellness Advantage programs, targeted at businesses and busy professionals, with a mission to change everything Canadians think they know about stress and their health.

It's not news that stress is a major health epidemic in North America. Thirty years ago, Stanford University released a study showing that 95% of illness and disease is related to stress. Fast forward to today, and self-reported stress levels have increased by almost 30% in three decades, according to 2017 research out of the Carnegie Mellon University.

"Without a doubt, stress is the number one underlying health issue I see as a Wellness Coach, but it's not just the kind of emotional or mental stress you might think. In general, people are very misinformed about what stress actually is and how chronic stress, in particular, impacts their bodies," explains Wellness Educator and Holistic Nutritionist, Nicole Porter.

"Stress is not just finances, conflicts, worry and deadlines. Poor nutrition is a major form of stress, as are things like dehydration, lack of sleep, restrictive diets, and too much screen time. Even excessive exercise can be a stress on the body. My goal is to help busy professionals and businesses recognize, understand and manage the impacts of the various stressors in their lives, and then build customized programs that address nutrition, physical fitness, and other lifestyle factors that are keeping them from optimal health and productivity," continues Porter.

It's not only individuals who suffer from the impacts of stress. According to this Sun Life report, Canadian businesses lose $16.6 billion annually due to workplace sickness and absenteeism. A Center for Disease Control study estimates 450 million workdays are lost each year in North America due to chronic health issues. And while 85% of Canadians feel their employers should help them learn to manage stress, a 2017 study revealed that 59% of employees would be more loyal if health and wellness benefits were offered by their employer.

Nicole Porter's Wellness Advantage Programs are available in person and online, and include the following offerings for individuals and businesses:

  • Corporate Wellness Seminars: Available in a single session or series, seminars can be customized to an organization's health goals or tailored to specific disciplines or management teams. Speaker series may include additional healthcare professionals such as Naturopathic Doctors, Exercise Physiologists, Psychologists, Acupuncturists, Osteopaths, or other.
  • Corporate Wellness Clinics: Available in half or full day format, onsite wellness clinics, provide flexibility for those who want health advice but don't have the time to leave the office.
  • Intro Session: A 60 minute one-on-one sessionto discuss concerns and challenges, set realistic goals, review medical history, and discuss a likely course of action based on lifestyle, schedule, and budget.
  • 360 Wellness Assessment: A necessary, yet often neglected step in the process, an assessment is imperative to improve health. Instead of searching the Internet and asking friends for solutions to health challenges, the 360 Wellness Assessment offers a complete analysis of your current state. Blood screening tests and fitness analysis can be provided.
  • Personalized Wellness Plan: The Personalized Wellness Plan is a morning to night guide outlining nutrition, exercise, sleep, screen time, stress, down time and more - showing busy professionals how to balance a healthy life with a busy schedule. This program includes meal plans, recipes, and other resources, as well as discounts for wellness products and services.
  • Signature Wellness Program: This results-oriented, transformative 12-week Signature Wellness Program is a fully tailored program designed to successfully integrate healthy diet, fitness, stress management, and other lifestyle habits into the life of the busiest professional. The program includes weekly coaching sessions and ends with a final re-assessment.
  • Group Coaching: Group Coaching, available for 2-12 people, is an excellent way to share the experience or costs, get legitimate answers to confusing health information and learn from questions asked by the group.

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