January 25, 2011 12:05 ET

NightAlly™ Shakes Up Personal Security, Transforms an iPhone Into a Personal Safety Assistant (PSA)

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 25, 2011) - Now available on the Apple iTunes or App Store, NightAlly™ is an iPhone application that lets users feel more secure and confident in frightening or potentially dangerous situations.

While other safety alarms exist for various smart phones, NightAlly™ is unique in that users can activate the app prior to taking to the streets. Most personal safety applications (PSAs) are activated by pushing a button on the screen, which forces the user to focus on their phone, not the situation. Since NightAlly™ allows users to pre-arm their iPhones, should a problem arise, all users need to do is shake their iPhone to initiate the very loud alarm and a shockingly bright flashing light. There's no time lag and no fumbling with buttons or phone keys. NightAlly™ lets them stay forced and in control. 

An introductory "light" version of NightAlly™ is available at the Apple App Store for $0.99 and works on both G3 and G4 iPhones. Soon-to be-released upgrades include additional sounds and flashes/flares, plus autodialing for pre-designated numbers and 911.

According to product designer and Ally Inc. president Robert Smith, it's the "shake technology" that allows Ally™ to be far more effective and easy to use in an unsafe situation. "If you're out on the street or at a bus stop alone at night and encounter someone who is making you feel uneasy or threatened, the last thing you should do is take your focus off the situation to try to punch in the right keys on your phone. With NightAlly™, the phone is pre-armed—so if something happens, all you do is shake the phone."

Joy Parks, Smith's partner on the project adds, "During my first year in university, there were some attacks on campus. Security and the police told us to carry whistles and pepper spray. I knew that if I felt threatened, nerves would make my mouth too dry to blow the whistle and I wouldn't have the presence of mind to find the pepper spray. So I just didn't go out. Had NightAlly™ existed then, no matter how frightened, I would have been able to use it.

Both Smith and Parks agree that in communicating the benefits of NightAlly™, it was important not to use scare tactics, be patronizing or stress vulnerability as do many safety products, particularly those directed at women. Smith notes "Staying safe isn't about limits, it's about having a comfort level that lets you enjoy your freedom. We believe NightAlly™ will help users feel more confident and offer both women and men a chance to proactively respond and avert a dangerous situation."

Additional ally™ iPhone apps for hikers and travelers, as well several levels of upgrades to the initial NightAlly™ app are in development. Expanding the app to other platforms is also under discussion. "We're looking to define the category of Personal Safety Assistant (PSA) on the iPhone/smartphone platform", adds Smith, "this is only the beginning."

Ally™ Inc. ( is a division of Greenmelon Inc., a creative services umbrella corporation that includes an award-winning design and branding firm, a product design and development studio and other successful businesses. Ally™ is another fresh idea from Greenmelon.

You don't have to go it alone. Get an ally™

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