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March 17, 2015 10:05 ET

Ninja Metrics Gives Marketers the Ability to Assess True Ad Value™, Make Ad Spending up to 40% More Efficient

New Program Calculates Return on Investment for Advertising Based on the Social Value and Influenceability of the Source, Resulting in a More Accurate Ad Value

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 17, 2015) - Ninja Metrics (, the social predictive analytics company, announced its ability to calculate return on investment (ROI) for advertising sources for gaming companies based on player social value -- the first predictive analytics program to roll out this functionality. The system then takes the calculations one step further by calculating True Ad Value™, giving its users unprecedented industry knowledge.

"Marketers relying on the traditional methodology for calculating ROI of a source are really bidding blind," notes Dmitri Williams, CEO of Ninja Metrics. "These new analytics show that old data make for portfolio-wide bidding errors around 30-40%, while individual ad sources are often off by up to 300%."

Housed in Ninja Metrics' Katana Social Analytics Engine, the fully automated software ties in-game behavior and player influence back to the advertising referral source, allowing companies to track their ROI for each advertising source. Marketers are able to see what advertising sources are bringing the most dollars and the most valuable users into their games. The program calculates the exact dollar amount these heavily influential players, known as social whales, are worth, then uses this player social value data to inform companies what advertising sources are the most valuable.

This new Traffic feature found in the Katana system then takes those figures one step further, weighing in the source's Social Value (like a credit) and Influenceability (like a debit). The net of those figures adjusts the ROI to calculate the True Ad Value™, giving its users the most accurate data.

"We operate under the principle that sunlight is the best disinfectant, and there's no hiding from the truth of data," explained Dmitri Williams, CEO and co-founder of Ninja Metrics. "With the new Katana software, we are shining a spotlight and showing businesses what is working and what isn't. There's a saying that 50 percent of advertising works, but no one knows what 50 percent that is -- now, that's no longer the case. The ability to assign ROI in dollar amounts to each individual advertising source is unprecedented in the industry, and we look forward to helping businesses identify areas where they can have an increased return on their advertising spending."

With these capabilities, the program also provides game developers and marketers the ability to eliminate bot traffic and duplication from reports, giving an even more accurate view on which advertising sources provide the highest return on investment.

For more information on True Ad Value™, please see Ninja Metrics' whitepaper, available at:

Key Features of the Katana® Social Analytics Engine:

  • Discover clear insights into the performance of mobile apps and games, PC titles and console games
  • Uncover how much customers will likely spend and how their social influence impacts the bottom line
  • Target the most influential, influenceable and valuable users
  • Flexible dashboard that includes support for: segmentation, cohort analysis, churn projections, conversion rate, revenue analysis, and comprehensive KPI tracking
  • Easy integration through a REST-based API supporting iOS/Android, JavaScript, PHP, Java/C#, C++ and Flash

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Ninja Metrics is the creator of Social Value™, a precise measurement of how users influence each other and how much that influence is worth. Ninja Metrics' key offering, The Katana® Social Analytics Engine uses predictive analytics and automated social graph analysis to help companies acquire, understand, monetize and keep their most valuable, influenceable and influential customers. For more information on Ninja Metrics, please visit

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