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May 16, 2012 13:29 ET

NISCO Survives and Thrives in Tough Automotive OEM Market, in Business Review USA

Bill Paolucci and Mike Talaga of NISCO Explain to Business Review USA How the Company's Efficient Manufacturing Processes and Astute Management Lead to Success

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - May 16, 2012) - NISCO is a company that is built to last, considering its 25 year history of providing full service automotive original equipment manufacturing sealing systems to the notoriously tough automotive industry. NISCO started operations in 1970, when two major companies in the automotive manufacturing industry, the Nishikawa Rubber Company (NRC) and Cooper Standard, decided to form a joint venture to take care of NRC's Japanese original equipment manufacturing customers such as Honda, Toyota and Mazda here in North America.

This venture entailed Cooper providing the technical expertise, manpower, and management while NRC provided the customers, commercial support, and customer product engineering. Initially, NISCO started as a technology exchange between the two companies but has since expanded into two facilities providing the manufacturing of sealing systems as well as design, technology, and full service for specialized needs. NISCO also has about 10-15 percent of its business now coming from traditional American original equipment manufacturing suppliers.

The industry competition that NISCO faces is fierce due to low-cost manufacturing countries like China and Mexico but NISCO is uniquely positioned to provide clear value and proven efficiency to clients. Through its relationship with parent companies NRC and Cooper Standard, NISCO is equipped with the latest in technological advancements and services as well as technical expertise. NISCO uses Kaizen, LEAN, and Autonomation principles to make its manufacturing procedures as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

"Autonomation is a term from Toyota that means the blending of man and machine in process and that is exactly what we try to do. We cannot take the man out of the process but we incorporate the machine in to make man work that much more efficiently," explains Bill Paolucci, Director of Materials Management.


Cooper Standard is a leading global automotive supplier, offering solutions in the body sealing, fuel, brake and emissions, thermal management and anti-vibration segments of the industry. Whether customers need help solving a specific engineering challenge or developing systems for future vehicles, the company is committed to meet their needs through:

Integrated Solutions

Technology leadership, combined with broad product expertise and capabilities, allow NISCO to find solutions to customer challenges

Global Resources

With design, engineering and manufacturing expertise and engineering resources in all major automotive markets that ensures support of customers throughout the world.

Operational Excellence

Committed to excellence in every aspect of operations, with a focus on quality and lean initiatives, supply chain management and capacity optimization

Our People

From our experienced management team to our expert engineers, manufacturing and professional staff, we consistently deliver results in today's ever-changing environment

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