October 15, 2008 08:00 ET

Nivis and Apprion Collaborate on Products for the Next Generation of Open Industrial Wireless Networks

ATLANTA, GA and MOFFETT FIELD, CA--(Marketwire - October 15, 2008) - For immediate release: Nivis, a global leader in the world of wireless industrial networks and communications, and Apprion, the leader in providing open, integrated industrial wireless systems for manufacturers, today announced that the two companies will collaborate on providing industrial facilities with reliable, secure wireless networks, devices, applications and services.

"Our ingenious software coupled with Apprion's ION System creates a remarkable synergism to benefit industrial customers," Marius O. Chilom, CEO of Nivis, points out. "This enables manufacturing plants to cost-effectively and securely monitor just about every aspect of the physical plant."

"Our relationship with Nivis makes sense from a technical standpoint as well as a philosophical one," Mike Bradley, CEO of Apprion, confirms. "Both companies are fully committed to open standards, which is a key differentiator that customers are demanding. Together, Nivis and Apprion will make it easy for industrial wireless users to adopt and deploy wireless applications and to do so with greater reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness than they had imagined."

Plants that select an open, integrated wireless infrastructure benefit from being able to use many "best of breed" applications. This comprehensive and open wireless network delivers increased ROI and lower total investment costs, which can be sustained for many years.

Industrial wireless technology is no longer a conceptual idea, but a reality of the present that has the power to transform plant operations. It capitalizes on the extremely important invisible asset of every plant -- the airwaves. It is over the airwaves that wireless technologies operate and yield greater monitoring capabilities, points of measurement, enhanced workforce mobility, improved safety and security, more efficient use of assets, raw materials and energy as well as lower costs of plant and process network communications.

"Open standards-based wireless networks are secure, reliable, rugged and scalable," Bradley points out. "This truly open wireless infrastructure will allow plants to choose precisely the right wireless devices and applications for 'plug and play' interoperability."

Chilom, Nivis CEO, a vocal proponent of open standards, says both Apprion and Nivis strongly endorse open standards. "Nivis and Apprion are committed to open standards and to being fully compliant with existent ISA100.11a, WirelessHART and 6LoWPAN standards and keeping their technologies fully compatible with future standards," Chilom explains. "Both of our corporate teams are committed to the creation of a wireless ecosystem composed of co-existing and interoperable devices optimally adapted to their niche functionality through adherence to precise standards."

About Nivis:

Nivis is the world's leading developer and integrator of wireless technologies for the design, development, deployment and management of large-scale wireless sensor and control networks for both the industrial and commercial sectors. Nivis' embedded technology transforms any stand-alone product into a device that can be controlled or monitored either locally or remotely over the Internet.

The company, founded in 1998, licenses its technology, and provides engineering services that enable customers to quickly build scalable wireless sensor and control networks, thus minimizing both time to market and total cost of ownership.

Nivis LLC is a privately held corporation based in Atlanta, Georgia, with offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Columbus, Ohio, Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Additional information about our products and services may be obtained at or we welcome your email inquiry at

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About Apprion:

About the Apprion ION System

Apprion's ION System enables industrial facilities to cost-effectively deploy and manage multiple wireless applications as one unified, integrated system. The ION System consists of the Apprion IONosphere and IONizers. The IONosphere is an on-site network appliance that manages data services, workflow, security, monitoring and maintenance, and 3rd party application integration across wireless plant networks. Apprion's IONizer is the process industry's first industrial-grade, multi-RF, wireless network appliance. IONizers are designed to cost-effectively integrate and secure previously standalone wireless-enabled applications, such as VoIP and condition monitoring.

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About Apprion

Industrial Wireless is our world. Apprion is dedicated to providing industrial facilities with the most reliable and secure wireless networks, applications, and services available. Apprion's ION System is an open, standards-based wireless infrastructure that allows plants to drive performance and lower operational costs with industrial-grade security, reliability, and scalability. Apprion's mission is to make sure that your plant's wireless is on... always on... guaranteed.

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