June 17, 2008 13:01 ET

Nivis Expands in Response to Market Demand

Fifth Office Opens in Columbus, Ohio

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - June 17, 2008) - Nivis, the world's leading developer and integrator of wireless network technologies, has opened a fifth corporate office. The Columbus, Ohio office joins Nivis' home office in Atlanta, GA, as well as satellite offices in Chattanooga, TN, Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

The most recent Nivis expansion came in response to increased customer demand for Nivis engineered products. "The remarkable team we've assembled in Ohio is uniquely capable of taking the breakthrough research and development Nivis has become renown for and making a significant leap forward in the arena of integration into customer applications," Nick Ashworth, Senior Engineering Director in charge of the Ohio office explains. "Nivis has been providing that all along, but the increased demand necessitated a larger response team. We are that team."

The Ohio office team comes complete with experience, expertise and cohesiveness. "We've been working together in a high volume electronic development arena and we come to Nivis as a ready-made, well-oiled team that is used to working together and has incredible chemistry. We are instantly able to provide the highest level support for our customers," Ashworth emphasizes.

The Nivis Columbus, Ohio office is ideally situated in the backyard of two major Nivis clients: Acuity and BPL Global. In addition, YSI is only 70 miles away in Dayton. Nivis has worked with all three companies in major ways and is ideally located to enhance those valued relationships over the long term.

"Nivis is transitioning from being a research and development company into an integration company. Our team in Columbus effectively takes us into this arena in a big way," Marius Chilom, Nivis CEO reveals. "We provide full integration of any company's hardware with our technology. The Ohio team is ably equipped to assist with rapid integration."

Nivis is the world's leading developer and integrator of wireless technologies for the design, development, deployment and management of large-scale wireless sensor and control networks for both the industrial and commercial sectors. Nivis' embedded technology transforms any stand-alone product into a device that can be controlled or monitored either locally or remotely over the Internet.

The company, founded in 1998, licenses its technology, and provides engineering services that enable customers to quickly build scalable wireless sensor and control networks, thus minimizing both time to market and total cost of ownership.

Nivis is committed to being fully compliant with existent ISA100.11a, WirelessHART and 6LoWPAN standards and keeping their technologies fully compatible with future standards. The Nivis team is dedicated to the creation of a wireless ecosystem composed of co-existing and interoperable devices optimally adapted to their niche functionality through adherence to precise standards.

Nivis offers an entire wireless network solution and is at the leading edge of the technological revolution. Because Nivis understands the need for a total solution, it has developed a complete wireless network, not just a mesh protocol. No other wireless network provider offers the three key aspects that comprise a complete wireless network.

About Nivis: Nivis LLC is a privately held corporation based in Atlanta, Georgia (Nivis, 1000 Circle 75 Parkway, 3rd Floor, Atlanta, GA 30339, Phone: 678-202-6800 Fax: 770-956-0606) with offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Columbus, Ohio, Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Additional information about our products and services may be obtained at

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