October 06, 2011 12:53 ET

Nixle Implements Advanced Security Features

Two-Factor Authentication Adds to Identity Verification Assurances for Public Safety Agencies

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 6, 2011) - Nixle, LLC, a free provider of informational communication services between government agencies and the communities they serve, today announced the implementation of advanced security features that further boost identity certification procedures. In addition to Nixle's well-known verification services that establish the identity of Public Safety agency users, a follow-on feature set known as "Two-Factor Authentication" or "Two-step Verification" has been announced to greatly enhance security.

Currently, when a Law Enforcement agency signs on to use the Nixle system, a series of identity verification features are in place to ensure that the users are in fact who they say they are. Two-Factor Authentication is a secondary system wherein two different factors are used to supplement verification. Much like banking websites do, such systems take advantage of users' other devices such as a mobile phone to deliver a code that can be entered into the Nixle website to assure an additional level of security. This is of particular importance to Public Safety agencies, especially given the recent flurry of fraudulent social media accounts.

"Nixle has always been at the forefront of engendering trust between public safety officials and the public they serve," stated Eric Liu, Nixle CEO. "It is of critical importance that the public has complete trust in the communications of government and public safety agencies. We are all familiar with the damage imposter accounts, fake social media postings and malicious identity theft can cause. Nixle is committed to leading the pack in mitigating the threat."

Initial feedback on the new security features has been extremely positive, with many agencies commending Nixle for taking the initiative to further enhance its security system. Nixle has recently introduced other well-received features including tools to help agencies raise awareness of their use of Nixle and recruit new subscribers. One such feature is a message ticker that agencies can display on their website to show all of their recent alerts.

As critical a job as it performs in emergencies, the Nixle communication system may be used to relay an array of other information as well. Such things as traffic alerts, safety tips, crime information, community outreach programs, and general civic affairs may be distributed. Messages always come with a priority level so receivers can instantly know the severity of the message.

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