September 18, 2006 10:00 ET

Njini CEO David Jones to Present at Dow Jones Datacenter Ventures Conference in Silicon Valley

Information Asset Management Software Reduces Annual Storage Costs by 20-40%

LONDON -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 18, 2006 -- Slated to highlight the rising strategic need to manage the increasing amount of unstructured data now stored in corporate datacenters, Njini, Inc. announced today that its CEO, David Jones, has been selected to present at the Dow Jones Datacenter Ventures Conference in San Jose, CA, on September 20th, 2006.

Njini, a pioneer in Information Asset Management (IAM), specializes in the optimization of stored digital data and provides comprehensive solutions for the classification, optimization, security and management of data storage assets. Implementing Njini software within an organization can reduce the annual cost of storage by 20-40%. It also significantly reduces the risk of regulatory breach brought on by corporate regulations that require companies to actively manage data integrity and security to ensure appropriate access and use of corporate data and quick accessibility and retrieval of stored information.

Leading storage analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) predicts that unstructured data will represent 58 percent of new corporate and government information by the end of 2006 and will grow 92 percent between 2005 and 2010. At the same time, the IAM market is forecast to grow to a billion dollars per year within the next five years as companies embrace solutions that help them manage this growing mountain of data.

"The accurate classification of corporate information buried throughout organizations around the world is a massive problem that is just now coming into full view," said David Jones, CEO of Njini, Inc. "To date, there's been no logical way to address it. Now, with Njini, there is. We provide an efficient, cost-effective solution to the massive problem of unstructured corporate data."

Datacenter Ventures, sponsored by Dow Jones and held in the heart of Silicon Valley, is the ideal venue to address the critical issues related to data storage security, file integrity and hardware optimization and the related costs savings that solutions like those from Njini can affect.

As demand for alternative kinds of storage has dramatically increased with the plethora of solutions on the market today, such as online, backup and archival, it has become apparent for IT professionals and CIOs to focus on the reduction of data duplication to maximize hard drive space while reducing the cost of storage. Hard drive optimization is critical to ensuring the best return on an organization's storage investment. Companies and organizations have become increasingly concerned with reducing the cost of storage. Njini directly addresses these concerns and provides comprehensive, logical solutions that quickly demonstrate substantial return on investment.

About Njini, Inc.

Coping with the ever-increasing influx of data is one of the biggest challenges facing corporations today. Njini solves this problem through Information Asset Management. Information Asset Management automatically tags files with business-relevant information in real-time and automates file management to significantly reduce the cost of storage and improve information security, integrity and compliance.

Founded in 2003 by Phil Tee and Mike Swoboda, successful serial entrepreneurs, Njini is headquartered in London with operations in the US and Europe and backed by venture capitalists Accel Partners, Add Partners and Intel Capital. With a combined experience of over 100 years in the storage, networking and systems management industries, the Njini management team brings intensive business and technical know-how to bear on this revolutionary new IT category.

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