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September 28, 2009 09:15 ET

NMTV Appoints President

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - September 28, 2009) - RTGV (OTCBB: RTGV): NMTV has appointed Dominic Hawes-Fairley to the position of President to drive product development and growth in the burgeoning digital media market. Hawes-Fairley has an entrepreneurial track record in both media and technology marketing businesses and comes to NMTV with a dynamic vision to leverage the group's assets and unique value propositions. An expert in structuring technology companies for fast-growth, Hawes-Fairley has consulted at a strategic level with over 20 companies in the past eight years and, at the same time, built his own successful corporation.

Hawes-Fairley commented: "I've been working at the leading edge of technology for the past ten years, either as a consultant or as an early adopting user. I was instantly drawn to this opportunity and saw the huge potential from the start. The payment side of the business is an important bedrock for us as we roll out new initiatives on the media side. It's great to have the security of such a reliable business underpinning our forays into more speculative areas and means that we can try new business models without incurring overbearing risk.

"The global digital media business is developing and changing at a blistering pace and we have a really exciting plan to carve out a piece of the market for ourselves. We have extraordinarily good people in the team and the acquisition of BMC, announced last Friday, is a really big step forwards.

"BMC was not brought into this group to add revenue. This is a strategic acquisition to add capability. BMC brings a sales, marketing and product development capability that's underpinned by some of the best technology in the business. BMC is on the crest of the very latest trend in technology, Cloud Computing." Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company, explains cloud computing as "a paradigm of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet." It is widely recognized to be one of the most important trends in the technology business and BMC claims to be one of the UK's earliest companies to move its whole business "into the cloud."

"BMC's business model places its core systems on the internet and staff has access through a simple web browser. This not only delivers very high efficiency but also eliminates the need for detailed local technical expertise and enables the company to create and deploy new business units almost on the fly. Most importantly, this is a business unit that's seriously scalable and it enables our media division to leverage its electronic property rights by creating products for retail stores as well as online. We see this as a critical part of establishing three-dimensional brands in the vertical markets we're addressing which stands us apart from the competition. We now have the capability to create content, broadcast it and leverage it with branded merchandise."

Hawes-Fairley lives in London and comes to NMTV from BMC, which he co-founded in 2001. Prior to founding BMC, Hawes-Fairley ran a marketing and branding consultancy, was VP Marketing at Europe's largest business incubator and served as a commissioned officer in the world famous Household Cavalry after studying at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

The management team concluded: "We're clear on the ultimate vision for NMTV but stakeholders shouldn't expect strategy that's written in stone because the world is changing too fast for rigid plans that are blindly followed. NMTV's approach will be maximum agility, maximum flexibility and maximum speed to market. These three things will be an important part of gaining and maintaining competitive advantage and the appointment of Hawes-Fairley is another example that the management team at NMTV wants to lead not follow."

About NMTV: RTGV, through NMTV, has a new media business model which leverages an exclusive technology to deliver multicast transmissions of TV quality transmissions without buffering or freezing. This is a significant technological breakthrough and provides a competitive edge to its shareholders. The evolving venture originally included a 44,000 square foot studio outside London which is equipped to service traditional film and TV requirements, while also being refurbished to attract state-of-the-art customers. This asset has been sold. A (new media) studio has been identified in Bristol, England which provides a better base, with all ancillary services, i.e. post-production and music gallery facilities, already available. Broadband is the global growth engine of the 21st century for new media. NMTV's technology and multiple revenue steams from its television production company to a payment systems product with 3 brands, epaypoint, Web-Pay and iPAYU to manage consumer cash flow through the Internet in the most cost effective and secure methodology, positions it well for the future through both organic growth and growth by acquisition. NMTV's objective is to become a leader in new media and reward its stakeholders: shareholders, customers, suppliers and business development partners. For all available Due Diligence, visit our website at:

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