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August 26, 2009 08:00 ET

NMTV Streamlines Assets

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - August 26, 2009) - RTG Ventures, Inc. (OTCBB: RTGV). In anticipation of the Share Exchange among ANHL et al and RTGV, the Directors reviewed the non-working assets with the intent of providing the resultant Company, New Media Television, Inc. (NMTV) with greater liquidity and flexibility going forward. It was previously announced that certain intellectual property, specifically domain names, would be capitalized and used for new acquisitions and working capital for those acquisitions. Domain names are called the "Real Estate of the Internet," so it logically followed to review the other real estate holdings as well.

The Company is taking maximum advantage of the evolution in the Media Industry and in particular the effect of new media on how the Internet has impacted the development and delivery of internet programming, television and film productions. Looking to the future, it has been concluded that the studios in Oxford, even after extensive refurbishment, were designed for a different media era and under a different business model. The 21st century new media model and the strategy for NMTV's future growth suggest a trend toward smaller studios in a central city location, with access to state-of-the-art broadband facilities already in place.

The ANHL Board has decided to dispose of the studios in Oxford to a third party at net asset value. NMTV will takeover studios in Bristol, England. The site selected provides the ancillary services such as post-production and music galleries which would have required extensive re-construction in Oxford. The savings in cost, resultant efficiencies and effectiveness will substantially improve profitability.

The site is also forecast to become the biggest multi-use production site in the UK. Barry Fludgate, the CEO-designate of NMTV said: "The Bristol area is on its way to becoming the Silicon Valley of new media in the UK."

All of these efforts are focused on optimizing the ROI to shareholders, and the move to a new, cutting-edge complex is an example of the Board's philosophy that "there are no sacred cows, assets, revenues and costs are under strict stewardship focused on shareholder value. We are opportunity-driven."

About NMTV: RTGV, through NMTV, has a new media business model which leverages an exclusive technology to deliver multicast transmissions of TV quality transmissions without buffering or freezing. This is a significant technological breakthrough and provides a competitive edge to its shareholders. The evolving venture originally included a 44,000 square foot studio outside London which is equipped to service traditional film and TV requirements, while also being refurbished to attract state-of-the-art customers. This asset has been sold. A (new media) studio has been identified in Bristol, England which provides a better base, with all ancillary services, i.e. post-production and music gallery facilities, already available. Broadband is the global growth engine of the 21st century for new media. NMTV's technology and multiple revenue steams from its television production company to a payment systems product with 3 brands, epaypoint, Web-Pay and iPAYU to manage consumer cash flow through the Internet in the most cost effective and secure methodology, positions it well for the future through both organic growth and growth by acquisition. NMTV's objective is to become a leader in new media and reward its stakeholders: shareholders, customers, suppliers and business development partners. For all available Due Diligence, visit our website at:

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