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March 01, 2007 18:10 ET

NNA'S Credential-Based eNotarization System Earns Mortgage Industry's Highest Accreditation for Security and Reliability

National Notary Association's Electronic Notary Seal (ENS) Is the Only Electronic Notarization Solution Ever to Meet Rigorous SISAC Standards

CHATSWORTH, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 1, 2007 -- The online identity credentialing system that is at the heart of the National Notary Association's Electronic Notary Seal (ENS™) solution for electronic notarization has just earned the mortgage industry's highest accreditation for security and reliability.

The digital certificate-based ENS process that allows Notaries to make electronic mortgage documents tamper-evident has been accredited by the Secure Identity Services Accreditation Corporation (SISAC), a nonprofit subsidiary of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). It is the first and only "eNotarization" process to be so accredited.

As the mortgage industry increasingly turns to a fully digital process -- using electronic documents created, executed, notarized and recorded by computer -- the reality now embraced by business and government is that electronic transactions are not only faster, more convenient and less costly to consumers than paper-based, but also significantly more secure.

"We are gratified that the NNA's credential-based eNotarization system has been recognized by the Mortgage Bankers Association for its high security and reliability," said NNA Executive Director Timothy S. Reiniger. "The highly respected SISAC accreditation signals the industry's trust and confidence in the Electronic Notary Seal process. This is a clear acknowledgment that ENS stands head and shoulders above any non-credential-based process when it comes to security."

Digital certificates used in the ENS system to verify the identities and authority of participating Notaries are issued through the National Notary Association in a collaboration with Needham, Mass.-based ChosenSecurity, Inc. In this collaboration, ChosenSecurity is the licensed, certificate-issuing "Certificate Authority" (CA), while the NNA, serving as a "Registration Authority" (RA), is the certificate-distributing conduit to the nation's Notaries.

An essential component of the ENS system is the National eNotary Registry, which enables real-time online verification of a Notary's status and good standing with the state. Any interested party may use the online Registry to confirm the legitimacy of an electronically capable Notary in any state.

A statewide ENS system has been operational in Pennsylvania for over a year. Legal and available for use in every state, ENS is now in active and increasingly widespread use by Notaries in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin. By year's end, it is anticipated that Notary-regulating officials in at least 25 states will actively participate in an ENS system. The National eNotary Registry is capable of use in every state right now.

As the entity that accredits and certifies online identity providers for the mortgage industry, SISAC demands adherence to rigorous standards for identifying and qualifying the holders of digital certificates in a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) environment. PKI technology allows an electronic document to be "wrapped and locked" in such a manner that any subsequent attempt to change an electronically notarized document becomes immediately evident.

SISAC was created by the Mortgage Bankers Association in 2003 to encourage open access and open standards uniting all participants in the growing electronic mortgage process.

"The SISAC brand has become recognized as offering a streamlined mechanism to certify secure identity suppliers, and thus bridge the gap between individual initiatives," said David Kittle, the MBA's vice chairman and chairman of SISAC. "I commend entities in completing the accreditation process to establish standardized identity in the real estate arena, and I encourage others to follow their lead."

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