March 22, 2007 14:26 ET

"No More Potholes" in Denver's Future

DENVER, CO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 22, 2007 -- The Rocky Mountain Cement Council and the Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association launched a "No More Potholes" consumer action campaign in the Denver area today.

"No More Potholes" campaign ads are rolling through the Denver Metro area on RTD buses through March and April, and a billboard at 8500 East Colfax will provide a chuckle for commuters beginning March 27. The campaign uses humorous images to drive Colorado's pothole-weary motorists to an actionable website ( where they can quickly email their local city council representatives to request that future street paving be done using concrete, a much harder, more durable and longer lasting road paving material that is not prone to the formation of potholes every year.

"High oil prices have changed the economics of street paving," said Joe Rottman an engineer with Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association. "Concrete is now price-competitive with other paving materials. Concrete streets are tough -- concrete isn't affected by the freeze-thaw cycle that tends to generate potholes in other paving materials. Concrete's extreme durability also saves taxpayers money and aggravation by eliminating cone zones for frequent street maintenance and by eliminating the need to spend taxpayer money to regularly repair and resurface the roads.

"For decades, highway engineers have considered concrete the 'Cadillac' of road paving materials because of its durability, long-lasting performance and low maintenance requirements. Our goal is to use humor to educate the driving public that concrete paving is a way to solve the pothole problem in the long term."

"For the first time, Colorado taxpayers have an opportunity to put an end to the metro area's annual pothole problem by asking their city officials to specify that future street paving be done with concrete. You can make a difference at"

About The Rocky Mountain Cement Council

The Rocky Mountain Cement Council, known as the RMCC, is composed of companies that produce and ship cement throughout the Rocky Mountain States of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico. Our mission is to promote and advance the use of Portland cement for all types of construction. Our goal is to provide the public with access to information for any and all questions regarding Portland cement and concrete in the Rocky Mountain Region.

About Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association

The Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association (CRMCA) is a Colorado-based organization representing the interests of Colorado's ready mixed concrete producers. CRMCA promotes the latest concrete solutions such as insulated concrete forms (ICF), concrete for walks, patios, and driveways, flowable fill for solid backfill situations, and silica fume slurry for high strength, durable concrete applications.

For details about the "No More Potholes" campaign, please call: 303-665-4200.

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