SOURCE: No on Government Waste Committee

No on Government Waste Committee

October 18, 2012 14:04 ET

No on Government Waste Committee Applauds Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Daily News for Both Officially Opposing Measure B

Editorials Both Cite Measure B's Potential Negative Economic Impact and Ineffectiveness

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 18, 2012) - With a combined circulation of just over one million people, the No on Government Waste Committee applauded editorials in both the Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Daily News opposing Measure B, the so-called "Safer Sex" initiative on the Nov. 6th ballot in Los Angeles County, which cited its potential for causing the loss of 10,000 jobs and $1 billion in tax revenue and economic activity with little or no benefit to public health and safety.

"The two largest newspapers in the county looked at every aspect of Measure B and carefully examined both sides' arguments and arrived at the same conclusion: Voters must reject Measure B and vote no," said James Lee, communications director for the No on Government Waste Committee. "We are deeply gratified that both newspapers looked at all the issues and carefully weighed them and realized that this is much more than simply using condoms. It's about public health, government effectiveness and economic impact."

The Times in its editorial cited the potential economic costs, as well as the potential for an unworkable and unenforceable government program of inspections and permitting.

"Yet we should care, not necessarily because porn should be embraced but rather because it is an integral part of the entertainment industry that represents many jobs and a large part of the Southern California economy. Even if there are only a few hundred on-camera performers, porn is estimated to be a $1-billion to $2-billion industry, employing thousands of sound, lighting, stage, technical and other crew members and post-production workers in between gigs in more-mainstream film and television productions," The Times said.

"Measure B then falls into the category of 'Let's pass it and see what happens.' That's a bad way to make law because it puts government, or voters, on a track toward regulating all kinds of conduct without any hope of enforcing the requirements fairly and equally, and that in turn undermines the power of government," The Times concluded.

In the Daily News editorial, the newspaper also cited the economic impacts, but also agreed with the industry's contention that the risk to public health was minimal when compared to the general population.

"In fact, an infectious disease specialist who works with the adult film industry says performers have lower infection risks. Dr. Peter Miao says that's because porn producers require performers to be tested at least once a month, and the industry responds to any performer's positive test by voluntarily shutting down production until they're sure the infection is contained," The Daily News said.

"The porn industry claims to have a relatively safe record: It says nobody has contracted HIV on a porn movie set in the United States since 2004. Closer to home, another number may change the minds of those who picture porn performers representing a sizable population whose sex activity poses a public health risk worthy of county officials' attention: The adult film industry's trade association says that despite the image of Southern California and the San Fernando Valley in particular as the porn capital of the world, only 280 porn performers actually live in L.A. County year-round," The Daily News added.

The Times and Daily News join a growing list of business groups, community organizations, political parties, women's groups and health advocates in opposing Measure B. The editorials were also carried in the Torrance Daily Breeze and Long Beach Press Telegram newspapers.

No on Government Waste Committee
The Committee is comprised of entertainment companies, local business organizations, community activists, adult entertainment performers and healthcare advocates who oppose Measure B's plan for creating an underfunded government inspection program diverting badly needed resources from local community clinics and underserved minority communities. For more information, please visit:

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