September 09, 2010 08:00 ET

NO PROBLEM Pay-Per-Call Poised to Transform Online Directory/Yellow Pages Industry

Israeli Software Developer Changes Pay-Per-Call Game With Robust Platform Featuring Multiple Call-Back Functionality and Real-Time Bid Adjustment

RA'ANANA, ISRAEL--(Marketwire - Sept. 9, 2010) - Israeli high-tech software firm and local directory publisher NO PROBLEM, today announced it is unveiling to the North American directory publishing market its full end-to-end pay-per-call platform featuring multiple call-back functionality and real-time bid adjustment. Coming off of recently inked deals to provide NO PROBLEM's "local search monetization engine" to prominent directories in China, Eastern Europe, Israel and South America, CEO Daniel Shaked will be a featured speaker at BIA/Kelsey's annual Yellow Pages industry conference, taking place Sept. 14-16, 2010 in Dallas, Texas.

Pay-per-call advertising allows local businesses to advertise, and pay only when a consumer calls them as a result of viewing an ad. NO PROBLEM's SaaS-based local search monetization platform, which has practically no IT costs and minimal set-up requirements, allows consumers to enter a detailed request for service on the directory publisher's website and then request any number of currently available service providers to call them back immediately, or at a specified time. The NO PROBLEM system then calls all advertisers who meet the matching criteria, reads them the request for service via its text-to-speech engine, and allows them the opportunity to evaluate the lead and bid in real-time for the right to be immediately connected to the consumer. The platform manages interactions between advertisers and consumers, while allowing the publisher to track, record and bill for each action. It also features a full self-serve platform for advertisers to manage and track their pay-per-call campaigns.

One important way in which NO PROBLEM's platform sets itself apart from its pay-per-action competitors, who often rely on e-mail or text messaging to connect consumers and advertisers, is by ensuring the "freshness" of the leads generated.

"As a directory publisher in Israel, we learned first hand that a lead has an extremely short shelf life. It is only 'fresh' and actionable for a couple of minutes at most, and then rots very quickly. Even a two to three minute delay in responding to an e-mail or text-message lead can mean the difference between an advertiser getting the job and losing it to a competitor," states NO PROBLEM founder and CEO Daniel Shaked. "E-mails can go unanswered and text messages can get missed. That's why we designed a system that forces a voice connection over the phone between consumers and advertisers within seconds of the consumer's search. The power of that immediate, direct and live connection cannot be overstated."

Another unique feature of NO PROBLEM's pay-per-call platform is its real-time bid adjustment capability. NO PROBLEM sees tremendous value in letting advertisers price the leads in real-time based on current information, rather than chaining them to a fixed price-per-call.

"We designed our platform to include real-time bid adjustment because we know that no two leads are the same. The value of the lead depends entirely on what the customer wants, the scope of the job, where they are located and several other factors," explains Shaked, who prior to founding NO PROBLEM in 2006, served as VP Operations at Product Lifecycle Management software firm, SmarTeam, a Dassault Systems brand. "Our best-in-class text-to-speech engine allows advertisers to hear a description of exactly what the customer is looking for, consider it, and price the lead in real-time by entering a dollar amount via their mobile phones. Advertisers love the ability to evaluate the lead before they have to pay for it."

NO PROBLEM ISRAEL, the first online directory to be powered by NO PROBLEM's monetization platform, enjoys average revenue per visitor rates in excess of $3 USD, compared to industry averages in the $0.25-$0.50 USD range. As well, there is minimal downside risk to publishers in trying out the platform (under NO PROBLEM's revenue share model, publishers only pay if NO PROBLEM is generating revenue for them). "We urge directory publishers and Yellow Pages groups to consider their current traffic estimates and reflect on what our real-time pay-per-call solution could mean to their bottom lines," states Shaked.

In order to keep junk calls to a minimum, NO PROBLEM features powerful anti-fraud mechanisms that identify atypical call volumes and patterns in real-time. Offending callers can be added to a list, which prevents them from contacting the advertiser. Advertisers can also add irrelevant search terms to a blacklist, which prevents calls from being generated from such searches. Additional protection is afforded by the fact that advertisers typically hear the call description and decide the lead quality in real-time, for themselves, before they pay for it. As well, since calls are recorded, the publisher can easily verify and refund fraudulent or irrelevant calls.

The worldwide directory publishing industry, struggling to retain print advertisers and compete with other online pay-per-action advertising options, is taking notice and showing interest in the NO PROBLEM monetization engine. Recent deals inked by NO PROBLEM include a partnership deal with, one of China's top five online directories. NO PROBLEM will also be sharing news at the Kelsey/BIA conference regarding their ongoing relationship with Golden Pages Israel, widely considered a leader in the global online directory space.

NO PROBLEM is an Israeli-based high-tech company and directory publisher. Launched in 2006 as a 100% pay-per-call publisher, NO PROBLEM quickly evolved from a technology beta-site into a substantial revenue generator. Based on their success, they began, in the second quarter of 2010, to market their pay-per-call solution to directory publishers worldwide. NO PROBLEM is backed by Jerusalem Capital and a group of "super-angels" well steeped in the directory service business. For more information, please contact NO PROBLEM CEO, Daniel Shaked, at or visit to view a demonstration video.

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