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April 09, 2009 14:13 ET

No Server Downtime for KSPS Public TV Thanks to Diskeeper Defrag Software

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - April 9, 2009) - Diskeeper Corporation, innovators in performance and reliability technologies, today announced KSPS Public Television officially deployed Diskeeper® 2009 on every server and workstation across its entire network. KSPS TV stays on air 24/7 and can't afford ANY server downtime. Detailed in a new case study, KSPS uses Diskeeper 2009 to manage and maintain computer performance network-wide, saving time, power and money for the station.

KSPS Television, with over 35,000 viewers, is the flagship Inland Pacific Northwest PBS station, broadcasting on the air, cable, satellite and new digital channels to several western states and Canadian provinces. Handling the advent of integral computing needs and combining video devices with network connectivity, while keeping everything running 24/7, proved to be a daunting task for the station. Their hard drives slowed down and it took several hours to defragment using the built-in program.

"Your viewer at home doesn't care if you need to do Windows updates on your SQL Server, or if you need to defrag and reboot your Fileserver. They simply want their TV show on the air 24/7 with no excuses," said Glen Martin, the KSPS IT Administrator.

KSPS turned to Diskeeper to handle the most critical computing maintenance on all ON-AIR computers, employee desktops and servers. They also utilize the EnterpriseServer edition to defrag their Nearline Storage server with 48 hard disk drives striped in a RAID5 configuration, comprising a sizable 37.2TB volume.

"The Diskeeper Server edition is a necessity in my company's business. We cannot afford downtime for any of our servers. We must stay on the air 24 hours a day so we rely on Diskeeper to keep our servers running at top speed, maintaining reliability," said Mr. Martin.

Diskeeper 2009 with InvisiTasking® technology is the only solution to provide real-time defragmentation invisibly in the background. InvisiTasking is the proprietary processing technology behind Diskeeper software's real-time operation, empowering the system to allocate its various resources (CPU, memory, disk, and network) separately to each individual process. This allows for overlapping use of separate resources; this means zero resource conflict.

"Leaving a PC turned on overnight for a defragmentation scan is no longer necessary -- saving electricity, and PC wear and tear," said Mr. Martin. "Now that this function is automatic I don't have to manually check it. The InvisiTasking technology defrags in the background. Now with the new Diskeeper version 2009, I expect the same reliability and lack of help desk calls complaining that the defrag program was causing slowdowns."

The complete case study is available at:

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