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September 12, 2008 19:19 ET

Noble Metal Group Incorporated-NHA News Release

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 12, 2008) - Noble Metal Group Incorporated (TSX VENTURE:NMG) -

The Company is pleased to announce the completion by its subsidiary Noble Hydrocarbons Alta Ltd. ("NHA") of 9 drill holes on NHA's permitted oil shale exploration land near Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan. The company sought and received approval from Saskatchewan Industry and Resources to drill up to 18 holes. Of these, some of the drill hole locations are on Crown owned land and are subject to other Saskatchewan Ministries approvals which may impose conditions on when the drilling on the Crown lands can take place. These other approvals and any conditions have yet to be provided. The holes completed at this time are those sited on privately owned land.

It has been reported by Ivan Young P. Geo., the geologist to the company that based on detailed logging of the cores, all holes intersected till and cretaceous sediments containing intervals of oil shale horizons. Coal fragments and narrow coal beds were encountered in six of the nine holes drilled. The coal fragments and thin beds ranged mostly from 1 - 2 mm to 1 - 4 cm in size often interbedded with mudstone and siltstone. One hole (NHA-9) encountered a coal seam 20 cm (8 inches) thick. The extent of the oil shale and coal fragment/narrow coal bed intersections are summarized in the table below:

Depth Coal
beds Thickness
Depth Oil encountered Coal
Shale start Oil shale start and Fragments Depth End
Hole and end Intersection end Intersection of Hole
No. (in meters) (in meters) (in meters) (in meters) (in meters)
NHA-1 21.9 m 24.4 m 90.5 m
(71.9 ft)- (80.0 ft) (296.9 ft)
46.3 m
(151.9 ft);
NHA-6 18.3 m 41.4 m 97.2 m
(60.0 ft)- (135.9 ft) (318.9 ft)
59.7 m
(195.9 ft)
NHA-7 15.8 m 62.5 m 159.1 m 13.7 m 172.8 m
(51.8 ft)- (205.1 ft) (522.0 ft)- (45.0 ft) (567.0 ft)
78.3 m 172.8 m
(256.9 ft) (567.0 ft)
NHA-8 24.4 m 35.0 m 94.5 m
(80.1 ft)- (114.8 ft) (310.1 ft)
59.4 m
(194.9 ft)
NHA-9 9.1 m 20.5 m 141.3 m 20.0 m 212.4 m
(29.9 ft)- (67.2 ft) (463.6)- (65.6 ft); (696.9 ft)
29.6 m 161.3 m 15.4 m
(97.1 ft) (529.2 ft); (50.5 ft)
193.9 m
(636.2 ft)-
209.3 m
(686.7 ft)
NHA-10 32.6 m 30.5 m 159.7 m 75.6 m 235.3 m
(107.0 ft)- (100.0 ft) (524.0 ft)- (248.0 ft) (772.0 ft)
63.1 m 235.3 m
(207.0 ft) (772.0 ft)
NHA-11 12.2 m 53.3 m 145.4 m 5.2 m 175.9 m
(40.0 ft)- (174.9 ft) (477.1 ft)- (17.0 ft) (577.1 ft)
65.5 m 150.6 m
(214.9 ft) (494.0 ft)
NHA-12 30.2 m 30.5 m 176.5 m 15.2 m 219.2 m
(99.1 ft)- (100.1 ft) (579.1 ft)- (47.9 ft); (719.2 ft)
60.7 m 191.7 m 1.5 m
(199.2 ft) (627.0 ft); (4.9 ft);
196.3 m 4.6 m
(644.1 ft)- (15.1 ft)
197.8 m
(649.0 ft);
204.8 m
(671.9 ft)-
209.4 m
(687.0 ft)
NHA-13 21.0 m 68.6 m 117.1 m 1.5 m 249.6 m
(68.9 ft)- (216.2 ft) (384.1 ft)- (5.0 ft); (818.9 ft)
89.6 m 118.6 m 77.4 m
(285.1 ft) (389.1 ft); (254.0 ft)
163.1 m
(535.1 ft)-
240.5 m
(789.0 ft);

The initial 9 holes drilled illustrate that the oil shale formation is relatively shallow from the surface and extends at least 18 kms (11 miles) in a north-south direction and 9.8 kms (6.0 miles) in an east-west direction with an average oil shale thickness of 40.7 m (133.7 feet). Coal fragment beds and layers are encountered at deeper depths from the oil shales. It appears likely that the three holes for which no coal fragments were encountered may have been as a result of the earlier termination of those holes. Samples of the drill cores have been prepared for delivery to Baseline Laboratories in Texas. All remaining cores have been delivered to the core storage facility of the Subsurface Geological lab located in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Based on the findings to date the Company will be seeking further approvals for drilling holes on Crown land in the northern and easternmost sector of NHA's oil shale exploration permit (SHP00002) in the Hudson Bay area.



JJ McIntyre, President

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