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October 24, 2012 12:58 ET

NoCo Gold & Diamond Adds Shopping Cart to Website to Supply Gold Buyers

FORT COLLINS, CO--(Marketwire - Oct 24, 2012) - NoCo Gold & Diamond is well-known for their ability to offer the best prices for people's unwanted jewelry, but it recently flipped the tables and opened an online retail store on its website to service other gold buyers all around the country. This means that NoCo Gold & Diamond is not only a trusted source for those looking to sell gold, diamonds or other jewelry, they are also an authority in the industry.

NoCo Gold & Diamond's new jewelers supplies store is SSL-encrypted during the checkout process and safe for anyone to use. Customers can create an account on the site that allows them to access their shipping information in the click of a button. The shopping cart also features a "drag and drop" function that makes it easy to add items to the cart without leaving the products page or entering the shopping cart page.

NoCo Gold & Diamond carries a wide variety of products for jewelry and gold buyers that enables them to give cash for gold jewelry. Items are separated into categories, and each item has a detailed description. For assessing the weight and quality of jewelry, the store offers: gold scales, diamond scales, loupes, acid testers, dual testers, moissanite testers, diamond testers, gold testers, color grading kit, grading lights and gauges. Cleaning concentrates, ultra sonic cleaners, cleaning tools, ionic cleaners and steamers are available for commercial and personal jewelry cleaning uses.

NoCo Gold & Diamond's website is not just for gold buyers, it is also a place for those looking to get cash for gold jewelry at the best prices. Current "spot" prices on gold, silver, platinum and palladium are displayed on the site in real time, giving transparency to anyone who visits their site. Honest jewelry buyers are honest about the percent above spot that they offer for gold, silver, diamonds and other precious metals.

About NoCo Gold & Diamond:

NoCo Gold & Diamond is northern Colorado's best source for turning unwanted jewelry into cash. To find out how to get cash for gold jewelry from NoCo Gold & Diamond, or to contact one of the company's gold buyers, visit and fill out a form or call 970-658-0488 today.

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