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October 01, 2015 07:00 ET

NodePrime Emerges From Stealth; Secures $7M in Seed Funding to Let Companies Map, Diagnose and Control Datacenters in Minutes

Companies Including SAP, Ericsson and GoDaddy Use NodePrime to Turn Their Datacenters Into Automated, Centrally-Controlled Assets

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 1, 2015) - NodePrime emerged from stealth today with a $7 million seed funding round, with participation from Menlo Ventures, NEA, Formation 8, Ericsson, Initialized Capital, Crosslink Capital and TEEC Angel Fund. The company also announced the NodePrime Platform, the first software-defined datacenter platform that allows companies to centrally view, diagnose and control their IT infrastructure in minutes. Companies that use the platform include SAP, Ericsson and GoDaddy.

"Our vision is to transform the datacenter into a single organism where it's entirely possible to manage millions of machines and devices, and billions of metrics, inside one view," said James Malachowski, co-founder and CEO of NodePrime. "Our platform is a fundamental enabler of the software-defined datacenter that brings new levels of virtualization and containerization to modern IT infrastructure. Just as VMware and Docker have had huge operational impacts on business, we're creating a power shift for enterprises to make decisions on their own terms and scale with precision, at the speed which businesses need to operate today." 

Breaking Down Silos to Define a New Datacenter Standard

NodePrime enables organizations to operate and manage all of their machines in the datacenter, with the similar data, tools and automation capabilities of Google and Facebook, regardless of size and equipment, and without having to hire hundreds of engineers. Systems administrators can now provision complex multi-vendor datacenter environments, from bare-metal to managed, in a matter of minutes.

NodePrime fixes the current siloed approach to machine data collection and automation, by allowing systems administrators to rapidly reduce the amount of time spent provisioning and managing the lifecycle of datacenters. It provides a full stack of data, tools and APIs across disparate platform and hardware vendors.

Transforming Today's Broken State of Datacenter Operations

NodePrime delivers hyperscale abilities to all enterprises, representing a significant shift in how companies can scale their IT infrastructures. Currently, datacenters that run at scale require large teams of engineers and massive purchasing power to drive commoditization and efficiency. They are typically built on legacy open source software that is difficult to scale, integrate and manage, and are purely focused on the application layer. Many companies have attempted to streamline IT infrastructure management by building their own tools and automation; however, this process is extremely complex and requires massive amounts of engineering effort and time to execute.

Introducing the NodePrime Platform: Bringing Command-and-Control of the Entire Datacenter

The NodePrime Platform is the only infrastructure management platform designed to support the command and control of an entire distributed datacenter, including bare metal, regardless of size, vendors or components. The NodePrime Platform provides:

  • Detailed, real-time intelligence on the entire distributed datacenter environment, in minutes
    The NodePrime Platform maps and diagnoses every single machine within a datacenter in minutes, providing real-time visibility into lifespan, performance, reliability, hardware components and cost characteristics. This picture gives systems administrators a complete view of every aspect of their datacenter, down to the granular level, in a consumer-like search interface and dashboard, reducing the cognitive load on administrators and allowing them to not only optimize their existing setup, but also make data-driven decisions to build modern IT infrastructures.

  • Massive configuration, provisioning and automation of complex multi-vendor datacenters
    The NodePrime Platform allows systems administrators to gain complete visibility into the datacenter and how it changes over time, enabling the automation of time-consuming manual tasks through advanced machine learning. It is vastly scalable and provides simple workflows for driving complex, massive-scale configuration and automation. By building a complete picture of the entire distributed datacenter, systems administrators can take action immediately, configuring and automating datacenter maintenance, massive hardware upgrades or installation of operating systems across thousands of machines, in just a few clicks.

  • Real-time root-cause analysis and identification of hardware abnormalities
    Simple problems within the datacenter are typically hard to find, extremely costly and time-consuming to discover. With the NodePrime Platform, systems administrators can identify, diagnose and fix hardware abnormalities in real-time. Users can also run a time-series analysis of nodes to understand how they are performing and anticipate necessary upgrades in the future.

  • Simulate and test drive any type of datacenter configuration
    The NodePrime Platform gives systems administrators the ability to preview any type of datacenter setup before purchase or deployment, taking out the guesswork that is often required when setting up a datacenter. This allows administrators to rapidly build and prototype their unique vision of a datacenter management framework at scale. NodePrime serves as insurance for making data-driven decisions on an enterprise's own terms for highly-customized purchasing, licensing and support agreements.

A technology preview of the NodePrime Platform is available here.


Jason Hoffman, Head of Technology, Cloud Systems, Ericsson
"Ericsson is committed to a Networked Society, where everything that can benefit from being connected, will be. Through our global research and development, investment and partnership strategy we are focused on creating cloud infrastructure that is real-time ready and tailored to our customers' needs. By focusing on automation, governance and through leveraging the NodePrime investment, we now have the ability to manage, configure and scale cloud environments of any size in real-time."

Garry Tan, former lead engineer at Palantir, co-founder of Posterous, and Y Combinator partner and investor
As modern datacenters continue to expand to keep up with the pace of business, enterprises are in need of deeper visibility into large-scale environments, with the ability to manage and control those assets. NodePrime is essentially building Palantir for distributed datacenters, offering that same level of insight, scalability and speed for provisioning datacenter assets and taking the guesswork out of systems operations and management."

Jessica Geis, CEO of Blue Chip Tek
"NodePrime is crucial to helping our customers make informed infrastructure buying decisions that keep pace with their changing technology needs. The capabilities of the NodePrime Platform empower us to take our integration services to the next level, putting purchasing power directly into our customers' hands. We are excited to provide our network with a solution that brings hyperscale capabilities to any company."

Stephen Hendrick, Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group
"The state of the datacenter is rapidly evolving. In today's market, there is a critical business demand for visibility, efficiency, scalability and automation in managing IT assets. NodePrime provides a comprehensive and continuous view across all of an enterprise's IT assets providing a foundation for rapid provisioning, scale-out decisions, and centralized management of heterogeneous resources."

About NodePrime
NodePrime brings the power of Google and Facebook-like hyperscale datacenters to all enterprises. Serving as the "brain" of the software-defined datacenter, the NodePrime Platform turns hardware into software, allowing enterprises to scale to billions of devices by discovering and mapping entire infrastructures, turning them into a single organism. Today's businesses are at the mercy of their many IT vendors, faced with a lack of insight into their distributed datacenters, which forces business decisions based on guesswork. NodePrime represents a huge powershift for enterprises to make data-driven decisions about how they purchase, scale and create their ideal infrastructures. Based on machine intelligence and using natural language search, the NodePrime platform translates massive amounts of machine data into competitive advantage to keep businesses ahead of the power curve and raise their datacenter IQ. World-class enterprise organizations from the Service Provider, SaaS, and OEM industries, including Ericsson, SAP and GoDaddy all rely on NodePrime as their central command-and-control, allowing them to grow their distributed datacenters at limitless scale and at the speed of business, reaching unparalleled levels of innovation.

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