SOURCE: Noemax Technologies Ltd

September 24, 2007 12:25 ET

Noemax Releases SOAP/TCP Transport for WCF That Accelerates Web Services Performance and Extends Interoperability Between .NET and Java

ATHENS, GREECE--(Marketwire - September 24, 2007) - Noemax Technologies today announced availability of the SOAP/TCP transport for Microsoft's Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), bringing high-performance Java-interoperable communications to the .NET Framework.

SOAP/TCP is an open specification by Sun Microsystems that describes an efficient and lightweight protocol for transmitting SOAP-based or XML Infoset-based messages over a TCP connection.

The .NET implementation of SOAP/TCP by Noemax joins the corresponding Java implementation by Sun, enabling developers to use SOAP/TCP for both .NET-to-.NET and .NET-to-Java communications through Microsoft's WCF and Sun's Metro Web services stacks.

"Availability of SOAP/TCP for WCF comes at a time when .NET developers are seeking solutions that improve the performance of Web services," said Arman Djusupov, chief developer at Noemax. "SOAP/TCP is unique in its ability to use Fast Infoset as a stateful message encoding. While all WCF transports can use Fast Infoset, which is the most compact encoding when compared to the text XML, MTOM and .NET Binary encodings, SOAP/TCP is the only transport that can reuse the same vocabulary throughout a communication session for an even higher reduction in message size. The resulting increase in communication speed makes SOAP/TCP the fastest transport for WCF."

The SOAP/TCP transport by Noemax integrates fully into WCF and supports message security, transport security and dual contracts. SOAP/TCP is available as part of WCF-Xtensions™ which also offers the Fast Infoset message encoding, GZIP message compression and a smart HTTP binding for dynamic content negotiation. Starting at only $599.95, WCF-Xtensions is available in three editions. The Enterprise edition includes the product's full source code, royalty-free distribution and a 12 month subscription that offers update protection, premium support, rapid response and architectural insight.

More information about WCF-Xtensions and a fully functional trial are available at

The SOAP/TCP specification is available at

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