SOURCE: Noise Tech LLC

April 29, 2014 18:00 ET

Noise Tech: We Destroyed Cars to Create This App

iOS and Android App Empowers Drivers With Information About Potential Car Problems Before Seeking Mechanic

MILWAUKEE, WI--(Marketwired - Apr 29, 2014) - Noise Tech, LLC, a leading developer of automotive maintenance technology, today announced its new iOS/Android App, called ClingClanger, an automotive diagnosis tool that empowers drivers by providing them information about their car's problems before they seek a mechanic.

Noise Tech publishes a library of car noises at and created the ClingClanger App for Android and iPhone users. By downloading ClingClanger for $1.99, drivers can listen to the car noises library and match it to the noise coming from their car. Once the noise is matched, the driver will have an idea of the problem, and be better informed when discussing repairs with a mechanic.

An example of how the App works can be found on YouTube at

Noise Tech President George Salvat commented, "With more than 1 billion cars on the roads worldwide, it's important to be able to identify problems as they arise. We're trying to put the power back in the hands of the car owner, and help them make better choices at the repair shop."

Salvat said the company's next step is close at hand. "We plan to evolve the ClingClanger App so users can point their smart phone's microphone toward their car, press a button on their screen and get a return response identifying the car problem. This is similar to the popular music identification Apps in which you hold a smart phone up to a music source and the music is automatically identified. The difference is that ClingClanger's music will be car noise," Salvat said.

Interestingly, in order to create the car noise library, Noise Tech's team of mechanics and audio engineers slowly and deliberately destroyed each mechanical system that operates a car. As car components failed, each noise was digitally recorded. As they progressed, the team ran the car without transmission fluid and engine oil until it stopped running altogether. All of the digitally recorded noises were converted to MP3 files and posted to and then imbedded into the ClingClanger App. The next step will involve converting the noise library into digital fingerprints, which will be loaded into the ClingClang App, along with in-app recognition software to do the noise matching on the spot from the smartphone.

About Noise Tech LLC
Noise Tech LLC is a technology company engaged in the development of apps for the automotive industry. Its focus is "machine-independent pattern recognition" for sound-matching of machine-made noises. The company is founded by entrepreneur George Salvat, who has been involved in several other technology initiatives, including founding southeast Wisconsin's first internet application incubator; designing Forex currency trading interfaces for major commodity trading companies; building CRM platforms on behalf of national financial corporations and media companies; and technology consulting for an international think tank for police chiefs in Washington, D.C .

For more information about ClingClanger please visit A screen shot of the iphone app is available.

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