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April 06, 2005 21:23 ET

Nominum Response to InfoBlox Press Release of April 6 About Pharming Attacks

REDWOOD CITY, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 6, 2005 -- "Pharming is a crucial problem today, especially for telcos and internet service providers who provide DNS services to large communities of diverse users, many of whom are not networking experts," said Dr. Paul Mockapetris, inventor of the DNS and chairman and chief scientist of Nominum, Inc. "The ISP is the only DNS 'sheriff' in town for many users, and as such is the favorite target of hackers."

"Today, ISPs must ensure that they can detect and stop DNS-based Pharming, even while they defend against DDOS attacks, and satisfy the performance appetite of the users. That demands careful attention to configuration, performance, and running poison-proof DNS software. Carrier-grade requirements for telcos and ISPs can not be met by enterprise solutions whose focus is not scalability and high availability."

"While there is no 100 percent effective solution against pharming today, technologies such as DNSSEC will make a quantum leap in stopping DNS borne Pharming attacks, as referenced in the recent Academies of Science report* that recommends that the root and top level domains be protected as soon as possible."

About Paul Mockapetris

Dr. Paul Mockapetris, the inventor of the Domain Name System (DNS), is Chief Scientist and Chairman of the Board at Nominum, Inc. His mission is to help guide DNS and IP addressing to the next stage. Paul created the DNS in the 1980s at USC's Information Sciences Institute where he was later the Director of ISI's High Performance Computing and Communications Division.

About Nominum

Nominum is the leading provider of IP address infrastructure solutions for Global 2000 companies. Nominum provides the industry's only high-scalability and high-availability Internet name and address solutions for the always-on network. Nominum's Foundation product family includes scalable, reliable and secure DNS and DHCP servers and IP address management (IPAM) systems. These solutions allow service providers to deliver a carrier-grade telecommunications infrastructure that supports the rapidly growing demand for new services, and allows enterprises to create resilient and reliable networks that are responsive to changing business conditions. For further information visit

*Link to for more information about The National Academies' report, "Signposts in Cyberspace: The Domain Name System and Internet Navigation."

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