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September 27, 2010 10:25 ET

Non-Cash Incentives Entice Independent Contractors at Vector Marketing

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - September 27, 2010) -   With the job market still sluggish, many people are turning to direct sales as a way to supplement or replace their incomes. In addition to flexible hours and unlimited earning opportunity, direct sales companies offer perks most "traditional" companies don't -- exciting trips, jewelry, and other non-cash incentives. Since those who work for direct sales companies are independent contractors rather than employees, these companies use non-cash incentives as a way to motivate and retain workers, giving them something to strive for. One such company leading the way in this arena is Vector Marketing, the direct sales division of Cutco Cutlery Corporation, the largest manufacturer and direct seller of high-end kitchen cutlery in North America.

Vector Marketing's sales force is comprised predominantly of college students, and has been for nearly its entire 61-year history. The company has found that the chance to earn unique trips, jewelry, and other non-cash items appeals to this demographic for several reasons.

According to Jeff Gamboa, Division Manager for Florida-Caribbean for Vector Marketing Corporation, "Non-cash incentives are very important for younger sales people, as they reflect a sense of status and achievement within the company. When someone is wearing a Rolex watch or a diamond pin, means that you've reached a certain level of success. You wear these things with pride.

"The same holds true for the trips," he says. "Unlike cash, the trips are a valuable way for younger people within the company to learn from others who are successful. In addition, this is the first time that many of these people have gotten to travel outside of the U.S., and it gives them a chance to get a global perspective, which is important in today's work environment."

Examples of non-cash incentives offered by Vector Marketing are:

  • Rolex watches
  • Diamond pins
  • Ruby and diamond rings
  • Swords
  • Home theaters
  • Exciting trips (Prague, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Ireland, London, Las Vegas, etc.)

Sales representatives are able to qualify for these bonuses (as well as for cash incentives) via their sales performance.

In addition to income and non-cash incentives, the college student sales representatives learn a wide range of skills that enrich a post-graduate resume and can be valuable in other careers.

These skills include:

  • Making presentations
  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Customer service
  • Closing techniques
  • Generating sales leads

About Cutco Cutlery and Vector Marketing
Cutco Cutlery is a 61-year-old company with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Olean, New York. Vector Marketing is the company's sales division, coordinating all sales for Cutco Cutlery through a national network of college students who sell products through in-home personal demonstrations. More than 13 million US households have a Cutco product.

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