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CaliforniaKids Healthcare Foundation

November 08, 2010 15:35 ET

Nonprofit CaliforniaKids Offers Affordable Medical and Dental Coverage to Fill State's Widening Insurance Gap

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA--(Marketwire - November 8, 2010) -  Citing that children primarily utilize outpatient services such as office visits, immunizations, physical exams, dental services and prescription drugs, CaliforniaKids Healthcare Foundation ( announced today its unique outpatient coverage program is open for enrollment. 

CaliforniaKids offers an option for families unable to afford the high cost of health insurance. Over the past 18 years, CaliforniaKids has successfully enrolled and provided over 70,000 children with access to quality medical, dental, and behavioral health care services. 

"The number of uninsured children in California is growing at a rapid pace due to budget cuts to public programs, the economic downturn, the end of the federal COBRA subsidy to laid-off workers and the decision by major health insurers to no longer sell new children-only policies," said Michael Koch, executive director. "CaliforniaKids' goal is to get more children insured and improve the health care status and well being of children. By providing children access to a 'medical home' we are able to treat health issues when they first arise, reduce unmet health care needs, and decrease emergency room visits and hospitalizations." 

Koch added that the growing number of employers who are unable to afford coverage for employees' dependents has created a huge gap in the number of uninsured children. These families make too much for government-sponsored programs such as "Healthy Families," and now find child-only coverage too expensive due to the changes in health reform.

Through its extensive provider networks and strategic partners, such as The Friends of Family Clinic in La Habra, CaliforniaKids provides its members with choice and access to hundreds of providers throughout the state. "There are thousands of children in California who do not have access to comprehensive outpatient health care coverage. In addition, most insurance plans contain high-deductibles ranging from $2,500 to $5,000," said Ruby Raya-Morones, M.D. at Friends of Family. "These high deductible plans make routine office visits and outpatient services an out-of-pocket expense to the family. The CaliforniaKids program offers an option for these families."

"Parents are struggling to meet the basic needs for their families and want the peace of mind that their child(ren) have access to care," said Koch. "CaliforniaKids provides an affordable option to comprehensive outpatient health care coverage. 

"It has been our experience that most children are healthy and only need access to preventive and primary care," says Koch. "In the event that a CaliforniaKids' member has a significant accident or otherwise needs to be admitted to a hospital, we don't abandon the child or family, but instead will help facilitate health care resources in their community."

CaliforniaKids offers a plan with the following primary and preventive health care services covered without an annual deductible:

  •  Routine physical examinations
  •  Immunizations
  •  Office visits
  •  X-ray and laboratory tests
  •  Emergency room services
  •  Outpatient, same-day surgery
  •  Prescription drugs
  •  Preventive dental care
  •  Behavioral health benefits
  •  24-hour personal nurse advisor

Unlike all three other types of medical plans -- indemnity, PPO or HMO -- CaliforniaKids provides first dollar coverage (no deductibles) with small co-pay amounts at point-of-service. 

To enroll in CaliforniaKids, parents need to complete a simple, one-page application. The program is available to all children ages 2-18 who reside in California. To apply you can download an application at: or call our office for more information 818.755.9700.

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CaliforniaKids Healthcare Foundation is an independent non-profit organization founded in 1992 with the mission to provide uninsured children access to basic preventive and primary health care services.

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