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Noom, Inc.

July 05, 2012 10:49 ET

Noom Announces New Version of Noom Weight Loss Coach, #1-Ranked Weight Loss App on Android

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jul 5, 2012) - Noom, Inc. today announced that a new version of their Noom Weight Loss Coach will be available for their 5 million users later this month. The new Noom Weight Loss Coach, currently the #1-ranked weight loss app for Android devices, will begin rolling out to current users in a staggered approach in July and will be available for download for all new subscribers later this summer.

Based on a person's daily eating and exercise behaviors, the Coach gives them a customized program to help them lose weight, get fit, and stay on track. Noom is the first company to bring together three core concepts into one mobile weight loss application: tracking, motivation and coaching. Currently with the Noom Weight Loss Coach users have lost more than a combined 6 million pounds. 

The new features include:

  • New Design: The user's daily coach-assigned content is now front and center. Noom also focused on simplifying the user experience even further and made it more convenient to access the logbook in order to record exercises, meals, and weigh-ins on-the-go. Everything users do will now appear at a glance on the main screen.

  • Rewards and Motivation: Now each Noom task is worth a certain number of points, which reflects the difficulty of the task. The points count toward a person's total daily Noom Score. As users gain points, they'll move up through the levels, making it easy to track progress, understand how far they've gone on their weight loss journey, and stay motivated.

  • Food Tracking: Noom meticulously updated the food-logging interface to make it faster to record everything eaten throughout the day. Noom focuses on the concept of Volumetrics to categorize food into three categories -- green, yellow, and red -- based on calorie density. The app also provides immediate feedback to help users learn how each meal fits into their daily calorie budget.

  • Pedometer Integration: The app can now automatically track a user's steps whether they are at home, at the office, out shopping, or anywhere else. If they are moving around, the Coach will track it and assign credit to the activity. The Coach will also set progressively harder walking goals to keep the user motivated.

  • Expanded Content Library: Noom editors have written and collected educational, inspiring content in an updated format that makes it easy to access at any point. Content includes challenges, quizzes, and articles to target various interests and points along anyone's weight loss journey.

"Noom Weight Loss Coach brings together everything we've learned since our first launch -- and we've learned a lot. This new version is a focused, streamlined evolution of our vision and we completely overhauled the application to focus on coaching. We want to keep users engaged by guiding them through a set of tasks selected by Noom's artificial intelligence, while also building healthy habits," says Noom co-founder, Artem Petakov.

About Noom, Inc.: Noom is a NYC-based startup that creates technology to help people lead healthier lives. The company's suite of easy-to-use apps (Noom Weight Loss Coach, CardioTrainer, Calorific) are designed to get people fit and teach them how to make the best nutritional decisions. The company is comprised of 13 world-class engineers, including 4 ex-Googlers, machine learning experts, world AI champions, a famed Korean businessman, a senior marketer from Weight Watchers and a personal chef.

To download Noom Weight Loss Coach, visit the Google Play store here.

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